Nov 23, 2009

The abayat is here and let's have our breakfast

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning everyone!

Alhamdulillah we are blessed again with a new day and hopefully a wonderful one till the end of day. An hour ago my husband and I went to collect our package that have arrived from Dubai. You know... those abayat... yes, the second purchase of 20 pieces of beautiful abayat have safely arrived at my house. FYI, I don't have a real shop yet, for the time being my goods will be arranged nicely in order at one corner of my bedroom. I'm sorry "books" because you would have to spare some space for the abayat now.

As you can guess, I just can't wait to unwrapped the package but I cooled down my eagerness and do the Subh prayer first with as much concentration as I can. I think I thanked Allah so much for making the journey of my package safe from Dubai-Kuala Lumpur-Bangi-Kota Bharu. InsyaAllah my customers who are waiting for their abayat (I think they planned to wear it for Eid) will received them by tomorrow. I shall post them today, got to fulfilled my promise to them. Keeping our promise is wajib.

I've unpacked or unwrapped the package and ... MashaAllah....I'm so so glad to say all of the abayat are made to satisfaction. Need to thank Nani for her efficient services and also her patience with me. Thank you very much Nani, they are gorgeous yet modest!

Upon looking at the clock, I have to leave the abayat at the side for a while and make coffee for dear husband. In this cold and rainy weather, drinking hot coffee and eating sweet hot food is very welcoming. However, I haven't cooked anything yet so just find two packets of Mochachips and gonna enjoy them with my husband.

Mmmm.... they are yummy!

Have you ever eat this cookies? Alhamdulillah there are plenty of Halal biscuits and cookies in Malaysia. Hopefully there are plenty at your place too. Whenever I ate something ready-made which was bought at the supermarket, deli or 24 hours store, I always thought about my sisters who are not so lucky and have difficult access to Halal food. Maybe in todays advance world, Halal products can easily be found in every countries.

I'm thankful for this blessings of Allah and I hope everyone in this world is entitled to clean, healthy food and better if it is Halal. While I'm enjoying this cookies, someone, somewhere is hungry and suffering from hunger. My heart goes to them and I pray to Allah for their rezki (I don't know how to translate this Arabic word to English) and really hope that their hunger will be appeased.

And starting from today I'm gonna quote the translation of an ayat from the Qur'an that I open randomly. Today's translation is from Surah Yunus, verse 24.
24. The likeness of the life on this world is as the water which We send down from the sky, causing all kinds of plants to grow which men and cattle eat; so much so that when the land puts on its golden raiment and is adorned, and its owners think that they are masters over it, there comes to it Our Command by night or by day, so We make it like a clean-mown harvest, as if it had not been there the day before. Thus do We explain the signs for people who reflect.

Bye for now. May Allah bestow upon us His love and blessings and keep our heart firmly on His Deen.


Muhammad-al-Fateh said...

kakchik: I'm very glad if you wants to publish my post.. I will appreciate it.. you can re-post my article... Thanks for asking the permission.. it shows that you're very courtesy.

kakchik said...

Thank you al-Fateh. InysaAllah I'm going to repost it soon. Alhamdulillah. I hope from that article many people around the globe will know a bit more about our beloved home state.

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