Nov 6, 2009

The Raining Season is In Full Blast

Rain, Sweet Rain

Rain falling in tears skies can't hold
They are heavy, and fast and cold,
Yet so precious that its fall's mold
Can become the nest of a new life's fold

So inconstant you may think it is alive,
For it can destroy or let thrive,
For it can be loved or despised,
For it can be benevolent or be mised

And it is so human, the rain,
(Although it is most inhuman thing around)
That when the human bears big pain
Eyes got inspiration found
In no more no less than rain,
For tears imitate the very rain-like stain

And will be a day of sorrow,
When stars have rain as borrow,
And then we won't say again:
'Here comes rain, sweet rain'

Pedro Cescon


سيده نفيسه said...

raining season in kelantan..welcome back:)i like rain:)alhamdulillah but raining season while in exam??

kakchik said...

Sayyidah, yes... it's the raining season now. Dight and night it's raining. I like rain too but I also afraid of too much rain. It's not exam week yet. I'm in the middle of finishing my assignments.

Cecilia said...

hmmm, I have rain every day almost the whole winter... like forever.. I don´t like rain much right now.....

nor said...

its been puouring here in singapore too. weather is so unpredictable...gotta think twice for any outdoor activities.

Sitisifir10 said...

realy miss raining season in that I can get rest because the road is blocked :P

kakchik said...

Cecilia, and I thought in Sweden you only have snow, what an ignorant. I like rain but if it pours down heavily non-stop daily, I'm afraid this place will be flooded and today a few places are already flooded with water.

kakchik said...

nor, i've read about singapore too. hopefully there's nothing dangerous happen to you and the others over there. today, the weather looks better and it hasn't rain yet.

kakchik said...

Sitisifir10, I also like the raining season for the same reason you've said, moreover library would be close and I can stay home, secluded in my room sleeping and blogging, lol.

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