Nov 2, 2009

Shoes with love heels

I remember not long ago, a friend asked me about this kind of shoes. Shoes that have a unique heels like the one above. I told her that I've never seen one before until just now. Wonder whether it's the correct one. Hopefully yes.

Shoes are something very dear to me just like my abayat. But this kind of shoes with unique heels are something I've never tried before. I love simple kind of shoes with normal heels.

I really hope that friend would read this post although it's long overdue.

Dear friend, if you happen to read this and still looking for this kind of shoes, please visit this blogshop, Orange Little for more details on the shoes.

And thank you to bubbly for the link.


ishare whomyrare said...

afwan kak chik :)

nazliahnazeer said...

naz tak minat la plak klu tumit ada love camtu. hehe. klu wedges sukeee sangat! ;)

Hijab Chic said...

As salam alaykum,

aww those shoes are so cute :) I love Asian fashion!

kakchik said...

bubbly - syukran again

kakchik said...

naz, kakchik pun sama naz. entri ni kakchik buat pun sebab teringatkan kawan luar negara yg pernah tanya pasal kasut cam tu. hehe, kita ni hantu wedges kan.

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam Hijab Chic.
You like it?
Are you the one asking me about this?
I just can't remember who but I'm glad you like it.

Hijab Chic said...

Kakchik: Oh I love it! :)
Yes I guess I was the one who asked you about these shoes, thank you so much for posting this link. Too bad they don't have my size... But I'll email them. Thanks Sister!

xara said...

kak Chik, boleh lihat di

tapi sizenya kecil la. Kalau kaki Kak Chik, muat kot. :D

kakchik said...

Hijab Chic, I thought so. I'm glad that now I know you are the 'friend', alhamdulillah. I hope they can find one that can suit your feet.

kakchik said...

suri, terima kasih. kakchik tak minat nak beli kasut cam tu. yang sebenarnya kakchik tolong carikan untuk Hijab Chic dari Finland tu. Dia suka fesyen Asia.

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