Nov 2, 2009

Fashion Victim ??

May Allah guide them to the correct dress code of Islam.
May Allah give us strength and confidence to spread the true message of Islam and da'wah this sisters. Who know one day they might be better than us.
Let's do our amanah sincerely for Allah.


nor said...

i tink dorang ni confused agaknye. they thot women's only need to cover the head...

may Allah guide them (and us too) . amiin

Kit Pryde said...


translated.. "wha...???" ececeh. kena translate lagi tuh muahahah.

seriously confused!! esp the second picture.

what was she thinking???????

Nurul Iman said...

salam kak chik'

it's good that u pointed out this matter in ur blog, i really have pity over them as they have lack of "ilmu" in how they SHOULD dress..i was confused myself a long time ago, hehe

keep going kak chik!!!

♥Ms Yuki♥ said...


dahsyat berpakaian mcm tu.
mudah2an mrk mendapat hidayah.


kakchik said...

nor, there are many women out there wear their clothes like this. it is our job to help them. yes, may Allah guide us all.

kakchik said...

Kit, I agree with you and that person might be someone we know, so what's the best way to help her/them? Any idea?

kakchik said...

Wkslm Nurul Iman.
Those girls in the pictures above are the portrayal of some Muslim women out there.
I googled for "melayu bertudung" and got those pics. They are just examples but I'm afraid it's the reality in our community.
I hope these girls will not be confused anymore. Hopefully they already changed for the better.
Thanks for keep coming.

kakchik said...

Ms Yuki, itu sebahagian contoh kesilapan berpakaian di kalangan wanita Islam, yang ada di negara kita. Banyak lagi sebenarnya tapi segan pula kakchik nak letak banyak-banyak. Kita mesti bantu sedaya mampu agar mereka mendapat kesedaran dan berubah ke arah lebih baik. Semoga Allah bimbing kita semua setiap masa.

PlushLash said...

Assalamualaikum kak chik,

I think in the first picture, they both wore a work uniform (same color code, same style). Majikan suruh pakai uniform macam ni kat tempat kerja, these ladies malas nak banyak cerita so pakai je lah walaupun nampak betis. Sadly this situation is very normal in Malaysia. Kat Mydin contohnya. Pakai tudung tapi t-shirt lengan sangat pendek hampir nampak ketiak. I feel very sorry for them because to them they feel that they have no options, ikut je cakap majikan. They just need to be a bit creative, that's all.

Regarding gambar yang kedua, I think the girl is just playing. She wears the skirt and takes a friend's scarf and snap pictures for fun. I think we all should have respect for the hijab and not make fun of it this way.

May Allah gives guidance to these ladies as He did me. InsyaAllah.

Nadia said...

Salam alaykum warahmatullah wabarakatu sis.
This is called fashion hijab back home. It's hijab as an "accessory" astaghfir Allah. I guess those girls need some guidance on what is modest dress in our deen.
Salam sis

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam PlushLash.
Kakchik pun rasa mereka tu pakai uniform cuma kalau mereka faham hakikat aurat mereka tentu improvise bila nak keluar di khalayak umum. Ramai majikan yang menyediakan uniform yang tidak menepati kod etika pakaian Islam dan pekerja hanya ikut tanpa bantahan mungkin kerana kurang ilmu dan kefahaman. Kitalah yang perlu membantu mereka.
Pasal gambar no 2 tu kakchik setuju dgn PlushLash. Tapi ada kenalan kata dia pernah tengok orang pakai macam tu di suatu tempat. Allahu'alam. Sekarang ni banyak yang pelik-pelik.
Amiin... semoga Allah buka pintu hati mereka dan jaga pintu hati kita agar sentiasa di atas jalan-Nya.

p/s: terima kasih singgah baca dan komen.

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.
Oh, you have name for this type of hijab? LOL correct though. Nowadays Muslim women seems to be very fashionable and they sacrifice a lot in their attire. Hijab has become an accessory rather than an obligation.
Yes, we need to do more dakwah to guide them. InsyaAllah we'll do our best.

p/s: TQVM for visiting and leaving a comment

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