Nov 17, 2009

They don't know what they're missing.

Hmm... what exactly am I saying here?
Am I talking about food? Or is it about the new book that I am reading?
No, no and NO.

My family members kept asking, "Don't you feel hot wearing it everyday?"
My friends regularly said, "You must be bored of looking at the same colour inside your wardrobe."
Someone said to me, "Hey sis, where did you get this dress? I haven't seen any around here."
A salesclerk at a local woman's boutique whispered to her colleague while smiling at me, "Wow... your dress is so beautiful sis! You looks so elegant!" (Thank you! :D )
My mom waiting for me beside my car under the scorching sun, "Aren't you feel hot wearing that on a day like this?"
Girls in the Library giving me a weird look.

When I offer them the dress, most would say that, this is not their style and wearing it must be hot.
They are short and it will make them look shorter.
It  is a boring colour.

You don't know what you are missing!
Wear it for a few days and find out for yourself.
Yes, I'm hot but you are hot too, right?
Yes, I'm sweating, of course in this humid weather, you are sweating too.
But, I feel rather cool inside it. I feel more secure from the evil whispers inside me. I feel more humble but confident as a person. I am doing more good deeds while I'm wearing it compared to before.
And I feel closer to Allah.

This black cloth made me a better person and hopefully a better Muslim.
This black dress is way better than the other dress that I have and wear.
It is a colour that can makes me feel proud of being a Muslim.


Rere said...

Why black? Its the colour of an octopus ink.

kakchik said...

Rere, I've listed all the reasons above. I like all colours but black is wonderful for me. Octopus ink or not.

Idah a.k.a Wirdatul said...

Hitam itu menawan kak chik..idah suka hitam..sbb tu idah suka abaya...stylish, elegant and confident for myself...

♥ LeeN ♥ said...

it can set you free from being a fashion victims kan kakchik?:)

Ms. R said...

Sis, perhaps you can turn the tables around instead. Each time they ask if you feel hot wearing the niqaab, you can also give them da'wa about the reason behind you wearing it.. narrate stories about the sahabiyyats and prophets wives who wore the niqaab as a form of modesty. You can do it this "It isn't as hot as you think it is..oh speaking about the niqaab, do you know the story about Umm Khallad, a female companion of the Prophet...." LOL.

As for weird looks, as long as you wear the niqaab, you'll get stared at. But we can't blame them sis because some are quite ignorant so what we can do is again, educate them about it. They don't understand the wisdom behind wearing the niqaab so it is difficult to grasp on why we choose to wear it.

Personally speaking, when you are covered up, it may be stuffy but at least it protects you from getting sunburnt which from previous experience, it hurts really bad when the skin starts peeling.

Black is perhaps the only colour that is easiest to match with. I can wear any colour hijaab with my black aabaya. Plus, don't you also think it makes you look slimmer? :p

FA said...

Ohh I love blacckk!!! black abaya with glittering diamonte..looks really elegant! ada betul kak chik..hehe

NoR said...

i'll go for black too. :)

azniza said...

i love the colour too..and kakchik, i agree with you..:)

ery kumagai said...

"it make me feel humble and confident"

setuju sgt2.

have a nice day kakchik

nazliahnazeer said...

black is elegant. pity them coz they cant feel how we felt. they look at negative side-boring, hot, sweating, rimas.. etc. we look at the positives side-beautiful, safe, protected, comfortable, freedom.. etc. ;)

Zuri@ni said...


Cepat aje tertarik ngan topik nie :)

I really love black abaya...but poorly i just have one black abaya at this moment :p (bila ada selai je, mula lah rasa sayang nak pakai...huhu)..the others are "jubah moden" which are quite colourful, hehe (shopping time always makes me "rambang mata" la kak chik :D)

Black is a perfect is elegant... (dulu kan ada iklan apa ye yg cakap "hitam itu menawan"...haha)

***pagi tadi, pas solat subuh, baru aje cakap ngan hubby, "abang, nanti ada masa nak gi kedai jubah tu, nak beli jubah hitam yg ada belah sket kat depan...nak pakai ngan jeans...." hehehe

kakchik said...

Idah, terima kasih sebab Idah juga suka pakaian yang kakchik suka.

kakchik said...

LeeN, you are right sis. But some abaya designers are trying to be the victims.

kakchik said...

Ms. R,
Thank you for the suggestion. InsyaAllah I'll do that if I came across the same situation again.
I'm trying not to blame them because I know they are ignorant of the wisgom behind niqab.
Well, I don't feel stuffy at all and I'm quite happy wearing it. I don't really care about the skin problem too.
Nevertheless, I agree black can be matched with any other colours.
Hehe... the last part is very agreeable lol.

kakchik said...

FA, betul la tu... lagipun FA pun taukeh abaya, hehe.

kakchik said...

NoR, alhamdulillah. Black is forever beautiful.

kakchik said...

azniza, thank you. so... when are you going to add the black collection hehe. just kidding.

kakchik said...

ery kumagai, thank you. that statement is really me. nice day to you too sis.

kakchik said...

let's educate them! share our experience with them. who knows they might be on the positives perspective like us.

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam Zuri@ni.
Takpe... tambah slow-slow. When we like it we can me it ours, betul tak? Kakchik pula tak minat pakai jubah moden maybe because I'm used to wear decent jubah. But my sisters designed their own modern jubah and they are lovely, pretty and a bit fancy for my taste.
Kakchik pun lupalah iklan apa, Dunhill kot.

p/s: kena guna psiko banyak2 dgn suami tu, hehe semoga tercapai cita-cita

umm ruman said...

Salam Kak Chik.

I've tried many clothes with colours before, tried many kind of trendy fashions, spent thousand for latest and up to date clothing accessible in high-end boutique but the most significant and the most breath taking feeling you could never express is when I decided to throw everything I had and wear only black HIJAB..All praises goes to ALLAH swt. I've found serenity, security and the closeness between me and HIM. I've regret why I've not found the light of covering long before this.

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