Dec 23, 2009

Stop worrying and start living.

Yes, that's what Mr. Carnegie said in his book, How To Stop Worrying And Start Living.

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However, after reading the two important chapters, I'm still worry about many things. Maybe not too much but still inside my heart there's some part that doesn't want to stop worrying.

I worry about the final meeting of the Library where I have to present the new year's plan and also answers several questions regarding the account. Oh, I hate it when I am responsible for accounts. I'm not very good with all those confusing calculations. Actually, there someone else doing the day-to-day account but at the end of every month I will have to review everything. I really wish that this Library would hire someone with a good accounting background. This is the downside of working in a small organization. Anyway, the most important thing is I haven't pay all my 'debts' with the Library this year. I tried as best as I could but I know I fail.

Relocating my bookshop also makes me worry. There are so much works to do and I am out of strength and almost out of capital. After more than 4 years doing business at the current location, my bookshop needs a change to survive. The demands from customers and clients could not be fulfilled if I choose to stay there. Crowds are not increasing because of the limited parking space and also the busy traffic in front of the bookshop make it more difficult for customers to come. Their complains are mostly about the parking space and also the location. Next week, before 31st. Dec come, we have to clean up everything and move out from there and move into the new premise in one of the shopping mall in town. I'm scratching my head regarding this move yet, I'm gonna stand firm with my decision. May Allah help me.

More worries are from the accumulated debts with my books suppliers. Currently there are 6 suppliers waiting for me to pay them. I try paying them every month as much as I can but it's so hard to pay up every thing. I hate having debts with people. These suppliers sent me books almost every months although I prefer they wait for my orders first but I know they believe in me that's why they did that. Anyway, because of that, I end up with debts, quite a lot. One publisher is very considerate, I'm allowed to return books that are not sold. I'm so thankful to the company. May Allah bless them.

Building a new home is giving me a lot of worries. My home-loan's source is FAMA abbreviation of father and mother. It's difficult to apply for loans from bank because both me and husband are not Government workers. I can apply but the loan rates are way higher than the rates for government staff. It's gonna be a burden. The building of the house started during Ramadhan 1429 and it should be finish around June this year. Sadly, it takes longer than that and until today, I'm still living with my parent and the house is waiting for the windows to be fitted in and also electricity. *Sigh*

So, Mr. Carnegie, I will continue reading the next chapter while I try doing your suggestions. Hopefully with my determination and Allah's help, I can stop all these worries and face all the challenges with a wise and stable mind.

O Allah! Please give me strength.
O Allah! Please help me overcome all these challenges with good outcomes.


NoR said...

salam kakchik,

but really how to stop worrying? and somtimes, i dunno if im worried or concerned ? *confused* :}

Nor said...

I was thinking about ur new location last nite and I'm quite optomistic that you'll get noticed more there, translating into more sales,thus more moolahs...May Allah maketh everything easy and things flowing into your way effortlessly...U've done the effort, now concentrate more on the asking from The Richest One of All...

kakchik said...

Wkslm Nor. It is always easy to say but difficult to apply, isn't it? Worry is very general, sometimes sad is also worried. I think being concerned too is some kind of being worried. It's okay if we worry about things for making our selves better. Just my thought.

kakchik said...

Kak An, looks like you are worrying on my behalf. Thank you sis for caring so much for me and my business advanture too. You've given so much help already. I can't thank you enough. May Allah bless your good heart with more love.

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