Jan 30, 2010

I have an abaya for sale

Assalamualaikum to all my dear friends. I'm taking this opportunity to offer you my abaya which was bought recently but a bit too long for me. I love the colour, the beads decorations and the sleeves design but it is way too long for me. Actually I already alter the hemline a bit but still it's sweeping the floor. Take a look.


You must know that my abaya is the smallest size, which is XS but I think this one is an S because the measurement is a bit bigger than my other abayaat. If you are interested I'm selling this abaya for RM120.00 including postage. Almost forgot, the material is very soft and suitable for the Malaysian weather. This abaya is made in Vietnam according to the retailer.

I love this abaya but it will be a waste in my wardrobe if I can wear it as often as I want. So, better sell it to someone else. Email me... FCFS.

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