Feb 1, 2010

Cinch Belt and Muslimah

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Lately, I've seen so many women sporting a CINCH BELT whether they are a hijabi or not. Actually I don't really care if the wearing of the belt has nothing to do with religion but now I have to care because Muslimah has started to match their style with this belt. Why?

Yes, why?

Because it accentuated your figure especially the upper part of your body. I think every Muslimah knows the limit and boundaries of our fashion. Every piece of clothing that we wear everyday MUST be aurah compliance which basically you already know.

Then came the new style of wearing the cinch belt on top of your loose dress which of course will show to everyone's watching how small or big your hips are and how small or big your boobs are. Please sisters, do not let yourself being ogled at because of the way you're dressing.

What's the purpose of the clothes of a Muslim women? Let's cover ourselves properly. Fashionable is okay as long as you do not step over the boundaries. And I'm sure all of us know what the boundaries are. 


Nurul said...

so true kakchik. Being fashionable doesn;t mean that we should ignore the appropriate Muslimah's clothing as been ruled by Allah. Hope that they would be more concern about how Allah look at them instead of how other people look at them. Wallahua'lam.

Safyiah said...

salamo aleikom

i agree 100%.
clothing should not in any way accentuate any part of our body, even a belt.
that's why i wear izdel. a kind of big abaya that starts on the head. it's much better for who wears niqaab also, like me. but here in Egypt i see some hijabis wearing izdel, it really is very practical and you can wear whatever you want underneath it, it's much larger than abaya and it doesn't describe anything, not even the shoulders.

good post sis. we really should call our sisters to attention when it comes to fashion. now-a-days, fashion replaced many muslimah's modesty, unfortunately. may Allah guide them back to the right way of dressing outside.

theonekhalil said...

Salam alaikom sis..

I would say that not everyone knows the boundaries when it comes to wearing proper hijaab. When I first started wearing hijaab, I thought that wearing the scarf should suffice and that means I can wear any top or pants even if it is tight. Al-hamdulillah I understand proper hijaab much later after a sister highlighted it to me.

Insha Allah this is a good post to highlight the attire of proper hijaab :D

Hijab Chic said...

Salam alaykum,
I totally agree, this is a great reminder for all the Sisters thanks for posting!

kakchik said...

Dear Nurul,
The sad thing is the likes of Allah is seen as nothing compared to the likes of human.
Any suggestion to help those sisters?

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam Ukht Safyiah.
Thank you for agreeing with me. Speaking of izdel, it's not a common dress in Malaysia so it's not easy to bfind and buy it. Even asking a dressmaker to make it is not easy. I've seen many Middle Eastern sisters or sisters who are living there wear izdel and I salute you and them to be able to wear it comfortably. Wearing all black everyday is already good enough for me but I envy you. I really hope sisters who read this post would think of it as a friendly reminders. We need to keep reminding each other everyday so that our imaan keeps growing.

Thank you Ukht Safyiah for the comment.

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam theonekhalil.
Yes, I agree with your point sis. Actually I've already mention about the proper way of covering ourselves as muslimah in a few of my prev posts that's why I assume everyone already know. I should have mention about it briefly here before I go on about the belt. :) I understand sis what you've gone through. For me, a new revert who is still in the transition phase does not have to change their clothing drastically, what I mean is straight after revert change everything to abaya, hijab and niqab. Gradual change is better with knowledge and increasing amal, insyaAllah soon the sister will be what we portray a muslimah should be. This writing is more focus on my experience in my homeland where the majority of the puclic is Muslim by birth. Well, that's another story altogether. BTW, your comment have enlighten me more about your self, thank you sis. Feels like we are getting closer as friends.

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalm Hijab Chic.
Jazakillahi khair dear sister.

Hajar said...

I find it similar to wearing a 'bekung' @ girdle @ corset. Guess time didn't change anything much.

kakchik said...

Hajar, women wear 'bekung' inside their home :) and girdle if I'm not mistaken was wear under the dress. Maybe the purpose is slightly the same.

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