Feb 2, 2010

Today's Lunch Menu - Nasi Kerabu

Assalamualaikum and good afternoon to all dear readers.

Thank you for still coming here for a visit or just to take a look at what my blog is all about. Today, I'd like to share with my lunch menu which is called NASI KERABU or if translated straight to English will be called RICE WITH KELANTANESE SALAD/MIX VEGE but please just call it NASI KERABU.

Malaysian know that this NASI KERABU is one of the most well known Kelantanese food. If you are interested in how to make NASI KERABU, here's one of the recipe in English that I think close enough to our Kelantanese ingredients and method of cooking it.

# 5 tenggiri steaks
# 1kg rice

Ulam to cook with rice:
# 2 turmeric leaves
# 2 torch ginger leaves
# 2 stalks daun kesum
# 2 cekur leaves
# 2 na dam leaves
# 2 daun kentut
# 2 daun kudu
# 2 stalks curry leaves
# 2cm fresh turmeric
# 2 stalks lemon grass
# (You can omit or add the ulam listed subject to availability)
# 2 pandanus leaves
# 3 kaffir lime leaves
# 2 tablespoon palm sugar

# 1 cucumber, pared and julienned
# 1 onion, finely sliced
# 15 stalks of polygonum leaves, finely cut
# 10 long beans, finely sliced
# 1 bunga kantan, finely cut
# 3 stalks of lemongrass, finely sliced

Fried grated coconut:
# 1/2 a coconut, finely grated
# 8 shallots, finely sliced
# 2cm ginger, sliced
# Palm sugar and salt to taste

Sambal Belacan:
# 15 chillies
# 5 shallots
# 3 cloves of garlic
# Budu
# 4 bird’s eye chilli
# Lime juice, to taste
# Fish crackers

Slice all the ulam leaves and either blend or pound finely. Add 2 glasses water to leaves and extract the juice. Sieve and repeat with another glass of water.

Wash rice. Add ulam juice to the rice. Add three pieces of pandan leaves and kaffir lime leaves, and 1/2 a block of palm sugar. Cook in a rice cooker.

Rub some salt on the fish and grill over a low fire. When cooked, let it cool and then break into flakes.

Dry fry the grated coconut with sliced shallots, ginger, palm sugar and salt over a low fire. When the mixture turns fragrant, lightly flatten the grated coconut with the back of your spatula.

Dry fry belacan with shallots and garlic over a low fire until fragrant. Blend this mixture with chilli to make the sambal belacan.

Mix some budu with limau kerat lintang and bird’s eye chilli.

Serve the rice with the grilled fish, finely sliced garnishings, sambal belacan, budu and fish crackers.

Recipe is courtesy of The Star Online - Kuali

Let's enjoy our lunch!


Pa'chik said...

nai kerabu ni pebenda?? :P

kakchik said...

Kita salah ejaan. Pa'chik tegurlah kita elok2.

Stylomom said...

Cik can you send me some keropok ikan? I really miss it.. I will pay for them and postage... please pretty please?

Stylomom said...

Sampai hati mu Chik taruk gambar kerabu that is my favourite food, sooooo delicious and I miss it so much and the kuah daging merah... tak dok ore boleh maseke saya kat sini... mu boleh dok maseke bila saya date kelate? tak tahan nak makan sangat... I miss all the kelantanese food..

kakchik said...

Stylomom, what kind of keropok ikan that you like? Or you don't care as long as it's keropok ikan? There are normal ready to eat ones, pedas ones, sweet ones and also the raw ones which you will have to fry. Email me the details ok.

kakchik said...

Hehehe, I forgot that I have someone who's been here before and already tasted this nasi kerabu. Tergoda la tu. InsyaAllah, when you come here, I'll make sure Nasi Kerabu is one of my special treat for you.

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