Feb 2, 2010

Advertisements are not going to be free anymore

Assalamualaikum wr wbt to all my dear readers. May blessings of Allah be upon every Mukhlisin and Mukhlisaat.

Dear friends, especially those who have their advert banners in my blog since last year. As I've stated since last year on the header of the advertisements box that the advertisement will not be free starting Jan this year and after further thinking I have postpone another month of free adverts in this blog.

However, starting from Feb 5, anyone who would like to advertise will have to pay a small fee. And I will choose the kind of advertisement suitable for this blog's mission. It should be related to muslimah Islamic fashion, family issues, food, etc which I find suitable.

If you are still interested in advertising your business or products in KakChik's Wardrobe, below are the details of the payment.

Square 125 pxl x 125 pxl advert box
Monthly price = RM15.00
Yearly price = RM150.00

Rectangle 125 pxl x 250 pxl advert box
Monthly price = RM30.00
Yearly = RM300.00

You only need to provide me with your current banner which is suitable with the target advert boxes and I'll make sure it'll fix nicely in the slot. I don't know how long this rates will last but for this year I think this should be okay and reasonable.

Any interested advertisers, please email me at hanniaziz@gmail.com before midnight on Feb 5. Thank you for your time reading this and thanks for supporting this blog.


Anonymous said...

salam ziarah.......

kakchik said...

silakan faizsolehan

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