Jan 16, 2010

I wish for these two.

Omani style abaya.

 Layered style abaya.

I've been looking for a few nice abaya designs for my new tailor made abayaat. InsyaAllah I'm sending my tailor a bundle of black clothes to make 3 new abayaat. I'm just trying my local dressmaker's skills in making abayaat. If they can make me very good abayaat, insyaAllah I will have a bright future for my project. Can't really share about that yet.

Is there anyone who knows what's the best black material for making abayaat for Malaysia climate? I've been wearing many abayaat from Dubai and so far, they suit me just fine in this weather but local people are being sceptically about it. You know, try it first and then you'll know.

I'm surveying for the most suitable materials in a few local fabric dealers and planning to propose a few sample abayaat for customers. I will post about it here when everything is ready. Mean while, just keep looking.

Pictures credit goes to Noura Ashley.


♥Aisyahumaira♥ said...

i love the 2nd photo design!

kat mana biasanya kak chik jahit jubah?

JASMINA said...

Oh KakChik,
you have a great sense for fashion.These two abayas are simply beautiful.
I'm sorry I can't help you with the material,because I really don't have any experience about abayas/material :).But,really,I like them very much.

kakchik said...

zaza, selalunya kakchik jahit di atas arked hankyu jaya dekat hotel riverview.

kakchik said...

Thank you Jasmina. It's okay because I did asked the local fabric sellers about materials. I'll get a nice one soon.

azniza said...

salam,kakchik..2nd design tu sangat cantik..kalau menjadi kakchik, saya jadi orang pertama beli boleh tak? kalau menjadi, kakchik inform saya ye...:)

kakchik said...

wkslm azniza. hehe... nampaknya bertambah lagi lah bakal pelanggan kakchik.

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