Jan 7, 2010

Latest News of MariBaca Bookstore

Assalamualaikum to all friends and readers.

I'm so thankful to all of you who have spared some time to visit KakChik's Wardrobe. As you already know, I'm still busy with my bookshop and have been neglecting the fashion world. I haven't made any new set at Polyvore, I couldn't find time to write anything about Muslimah fashion even though I have a few ideas.

Anyway, my bookshop is now almost 60% ready but it was plan to be officially opened in early February. Right now, I still have many small details that I have to take care so that when the bookshop is open, it will run efficiently. InsyaAllah.

So, that's it for tonight. Wassalam.


nazliahnazeer said...

ni kedai buku kakchik yg baru ke? atau kakchik tgh renovate? nmpak menarik la, colour dia nice. ceria je. ;) budak2 msti suka.

Kit Pryde said...

salam kak chik...

wah wah. bestnya!!!

hope everything goes well. kak chik, next Big Bad Wolf sale you've GOT to come down to KL yeah. you would enjoy it a lot I think.

tried to add kak chik kat FB.. tak leh.

keep us updated on the bookstore. kalau gi KB, guarantee saya singgah kedai.


Stylomom said...

Wow Chik. So good to have a store... well done you! I hope everything goes well ok? Inshallah

kakchik said...

naz, ya, ini kedai yang baru. bukan renovate tapi kakchik pindah ke tempat baru. dah tak menyewa di tempat lama. skrg nak maju ke depan dgn menyewa lot dalam shopping mall.
warna ceria sebab buku lebih fokus kpd kanak-kanak. harap2 diorang suka datang membeli buku.

kakchik said...

wkslm kit.

alhamdulillah kit, ada rezeki lebih sikit.

insyaAllah if everything goes according to my plan, i'll be in KL for the BBW hehe.

oh, sorry about FB. actually I have restricted my account from being easily add by anyone. pls give me your ID or email and let me add you.

make sure you do that. :D

kakchik said...

Thank you Stylomom. Actually I already have a bookstore since 2005. This is only relocating to a better place for a better future, insyaAllah.

Anonymous said...

So great :)!Everything good with your bookshop :)!

kakchik said...

Alhamdulillah the move has made the Bookshop better. Hopefully the sale would be twice better than before. Pls drop by again. Hugs.

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