Jan 3, 2010

Too busy

Assalamualaikum wr wbt to all my friends and readers.

It is already the 3rd. day of January and I haven't write anything new for the past 2 days. Well... my life is like a rolling roller coaters that never stop. Whenever I have time to sit down and be online, my mind goes blank and I'm out of ideas. What I always do when I'm like that is sign in to facebook, because it's easier to update there and also read my friends current updates.

Moving out and moving in my bookshop has taken a lot of my time and energy. Doing physical work is really very tiring. Packing the books neatly into boxes, assembling all the big shelves and furniture together, etc etc... fuh, makes me loose weight. I should be happy isn't it but I can't. Too tired to even smile.

I need hugs.

I need someone to pamper me but that someone is also tired and easily falls asleep. I am left alone to massage my tired bones and also massage his tired bones, hehe.

My bookshop will be in one of the local shopping mall. That's a new beginning for my business and I'm praying very hard that Allah will bless what I'm doing because this business's main objective is to encourage people to read more and adopt reading aloud in their family. I'm gonna do my best for this business and insyaAllah this time my husband will be helping me as the shop manager.

Last night, we managed to make 2 lorry trips between the previous shop to the new one and insyaAllah this afternoon, another 2 trips will completely finish the process. It's hard but Allah has provided us with help from my husband's friends, alhamdulillah. They are the one who took care of the heavy duties and I am only doing the supervision and preparing food and drinks for them.

Today's weather looks very cloudy and I'm a bit anxious about the 2 trips. Hopefully my dear husband would solve that out with his friends.

So, girls, here is where my bookshop will be operating. Starting from yesterday, we are officially out of the previous shop lot and now has become one of the tenant here:

Kota Sri Mutiara Shopping Complex beside Hotel Renaissance 

Whenever you visit Kota Bharu, please extend you visit to my bookshop at this address: 3-20, Kota Sri Mutiara. There are many fashion boutiques nearby my shop and one of them is the shop where I usually buy my abayat.

Please pray for my success. Thank you.


.::Tuttie::. said...


May Allah swt bless you with halal earnings and barakat in your business AMEEN!

سيده نفيسه said...

KakChik, bersusah2 dulu bersenang2 kemudian..Insya Allah, everything will be going okay and smoothly.Boleh lah sy drop in nanti:)

kakchik said...

Tuttie, thanks a lot for the kind words. I hope you are ok now after the accident.

kakchik said...

Nafisah, insyaAllah. Kakchik pun berharap begitu. Jemputlah singgah bila ke KB.

Khazinatul_Asrar said...

wah,dkt billion ye kakchik!hehe. bestlah,nnt kalau syaz blk kelantan, inshaAllah kalau singgah billion, will drop by ur shop~huhu.

Gud luck kakchik!:)

kakchik said...

ya syaz. mesti singgah dan jangan lupa membeli ya. hehe

thank you for your support.

Tiaya said...

looks like u r making progress!! alhamdulillah and congrats! :)

kakchik said...

Thank you nani.

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