Mar 15, 2010


Bernama - Sunday, March 14

KUALA LUMPUR, March 13 (Bernama) -- Deputy Health Minister Datuk Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin is all for the National Union of Bank Employees' (NUBE) call for the government to increase the maternity leave from 60 days to 90 days.

She said the ministry would discuss with the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry to pursue the matter.

"Indeed, there are constraints on the part of the employer if it is implemented, but they (employers) have to look at it from the positive side.

"This is because if the maternity leave is extended, they are actually encouraging mothers to breastfeed their babies," she told reporters after opening the "Say Yes To Breastfeeding" charity dinner here tonight.


kakchik's note:
1. Government officials will be very happy if this call comes true.
2. My sisters will have more time to breastfeed their babies and grow a closer relationship with the babies.
3. I feel sorry whenever I see the babies have to feed on formulas just because my sisters have to get back to work after 2 months.


Candice said...

Yes, 60 days is not enough! We have 1 year here and often the dad will take a couple weeks leave too when there's a new baby.

kakchik said...

Candice, you are so lucky. My sisters are always complaining about the maternity leave in our country. 2 months are just too short for mother and baby bonding. I hope this call by NUBE will be a success.

annanniey said...

2 bulan mmg x sggp ambik additional leave 3 bulan unpaid utk pastikan baby sy dpt full breastfeed..dan ramai yg mengatakan tindakan sy x cerdik sebab nnt ssh nk tggl baby klu dh msk kerja..geram...but i'm giving the best for my baby..a little sacrifice is no biggie..klu 90 hari cuti?..sgt2 still x cukup..hehe

kakchik said...

annanniey, syabas kakchik ucapkan sebab sanggup mengambil cuti tanpa gaji sebegitu lama. bukan semua ibu bekerja sanggup buat begitu.

biarlah apa orang nak kata asalkan apa yang dibuat tu memuaskan hati kita dan Islam pun menggalakkan.

kelantan hanya bagi 90 hari je utk kakitangan kerajaan negeri. orang lain nak ikut terserah. kakchik ni keje swasta so cuti bersalin masih 60 hari.

memang betul 90 hari masih tak cukup.

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