Apr 2, 2010

This is the life of a Chief Minister of Kelantan on every Friday

Assalamualaikum to all dear friends.
May all of you in good health and high in imaan.

Today I have a special entry about the life of my beloved and respected leader, the Chief Minister of Kelantan, Tuan Guru Hj. Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat. The pictures that I'm gonna post below are from someone in facebook which I'll credit at the end of this entry.

Since we are neighbour, I can certainly guarantee that all these pictures are the truth. Trust me.

Every morning, Tok Guru will walk a few steps from his house in Pulau Melaka to the kampung mosque, Masjid Pulau Melaka to imam the Subh solat.

After Subh, he will give a half - 1 hour kuliyyah. He never misses this session.

Usually every Friday morning many parents bring their new born babies to be tahnik by Tok Guru. More than 10 babies are the norm.

At 9.30 am, Tok Guru will be at the middle of the Kota Bharu town, at a place called Dataran Ilmu or Medah Ilmu to give aweekly Friday religious lecture. I was there this morning.

Later on, Tok Guru will be the Khatib of a Friday prayer at any mosque around Kelantan.

At his house whenever he has visitors, he himself will take care of the drinks and serves the guests.

And again he will be at Masjid Pulau Melaka for Maghrib and a religious lecture after solat. Previously he teaches every night but recently, due to his pack schedules, he only gives religious talk on Wednesday and Thursday night.

Sometimes he took a short rest in the mosque after a day full of activities while his followers massage his tired body. What a humble leader. That's why many Malaysian love him.

Pictures credit to Akhi Fairuz Al-Jengkari


acespiretribe said...

I am crying, Kak Chik. How blessed you people of Kelantan are to have such an Imam, a scholar in your midst.

Let me, as a muslim who prays that one day, my sons and I can live in a community with an Imam such as yours, give you a gentle reminder.

Be so grateful to Allah that you are are given this blessing and please, please appreciate Tok Guru. He is giving so much of himself for you and while I pray that Allah subhana wa ta'ala will grant him Jannah Firdaus (Wallahu A'lam), as muslims, we owe him our fullest allegiance, honour and love.
Kasihankanlah kami di tempat lain yang tidak punyai Imam seperti Tok Guru. Kasihankanlah kami yang kehausan nasiha daripada seorang Imam seperti Tok Guru.
Though it may not be easy for me to move to Kelantan to have what you guys have, as long as I know you guys are taking care of Tok Guru, I will be content with my situation.
Allah knows best.

acespiretribe said...

Kak Chik,

Reading this story makes me feel humbled. May I share your story as a re-post in my blog?

nazliahnazeer said...

everybody loves him! mashaAllah.. naz dapat gambar kt email, tuan guru sarapan pagi kt warung. nasi dgn air milo. ;) cool je.

kakchik said...

Cher, my eyes watered every time I saw him. I keep thinking, O Allah please don't take him yet. We still need him. And please give him good health and lots of love from people like us. InsyaAllah we treasure him so much. I have known him all my life because I've grown up listening to his Friday sermon since the age of 5.

Yes, please... share this with the others.

kakchik said...

Naz, alhamdulilah. I have seen that picture too. Tok Guru is not someone full of protocol. He went everywhere for formal of informal program without bodyguards not like some leaders.

nazliahnazeer said...

org lain mesti ada bodyguard woo kakchik. mane tau nanti kena tembak or kena bom. haha. org yg selalu n rasa buat salah, selalu takut2. mcm tuan guru ni seorang yg sangat mulia n sangat2 berbeza.. =)

extraordinarydesign said...

I'm impressed to know about him...
he's such a good leader..
feel free to read my blog too...

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