Apr 1, 2010

What a beautiful mosque.

This is Masjid Beijing, one of the new mosques built around Kelantan. It's actual name is Masjid Sultan Ismail Petra but Kelantanese called it Masjid Beijing because of the architecture and structure of the mosque which looks like a Chinese Pagoda.

The Islamic Government wants to tell people that we should stop racism. So far most mosques were built in the Malay communities because most Malays are considered Muslim. However, nowadays more and more Chinese have embraced Islam and they deserved to have mosques built and have influence from the Chinese culture. It's nothing wrong even though there are some people who do not agree.

If you come to Kelantan, make sure to visit Rantau Panjang and drop by this Masjid Beijing for solat.


Muhammad-al-Fateh said...

I've visited this mosque in the early of it construction until the progress to see and to make an update of this non-racial mosque... and I've already post an article and image about this mosque several month ago.... My observation, it absolutely amazing and magnificent to own such Beijing-style mosque in Kelantan... I don't think that other state in malaysia have adopting this kind of architecture... Truly China in Kelantan!

Anonymous said...

Oh! My sons and I passed this masjid and were really interested to know more about it.
Thank you, Kak Chik for writing about this lovely masjid.
I'm gonna have my sons read your post.

C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

I'm happy to see this. Before some chinese were complaining on my website that all the mosques are arab style. This is especially fabulous for Kelantan where the majority are malays. Its good dawah too.

FA said...

salam kakchik!!

only 1 word! WOW!

Hajar said...

Assalamualaikum Kak Chik,

There was a time when I was doing research about Chinese Muslims in Malaysia, and I came across several working papers regarding this masjid.The images I saw then were mostly blueprints, artist impressions and pre-developed stages. These photos look really good, though I'm curious as to know how does the interior looks like. Thanks for sharing! :)

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