May 22, 2010

Do Not Draw Our Prophet Muhammad!

I really hate when people do not respect my religion. This is Islam, my religion and also million of Muslims in this world. How can you be so ignorant when you know that Muslims protest the FB Campaign? This Zapiro person is really one hateful individual.

And below is the news piece that I've read in my local newspaper, NST.

JOHANNESBURG: A South African newspaper on Friday published a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed on a therapist’s couch, angering Muslims and raising fears of protests during next month’s World Cup.

The weekly Mail & Guardian ran the cartoon after the South African Council of Muslim Theologians failed in a midnight bid to get a court order stopping publication, the newspaper said on its website.

The image, drawn by renowned cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro, depicts the prophet on a therapist’s couch lamenting, “Other prophets have followers with a sense of humour!"

“I consider the newspaper court victory a triumph of freedom of speech. The cartoon was an assertion of freedom of speech, which we enjoy in this country,” said Shapiro, who works under the name Zapiro.

“I was hoping this time around a cartoon like this could get into the paper without any kind of protests,” he told AFP.

The newspaper said the Council of Muslim Theologians had raised the spectre of a violent backlash during the World Cup, which kicks off June 11, in arguments before the court requesting an injunction against the cartoon.

The paper said it received a flood of angry calls Friday, including death threats against Zapiro.

“’You’ve got to watch your back’ and ’This will cost him his life’ were some of the remarks made,” the paper said.

It said the image was a response to the controversy surrounding an “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day” campaign on Facebook, which called on political cartoonists and others to break the Muslim taboo on images of the prophet.

The campaign recalled the deadly riots that followed a 2006 controversy surrounding a Danish newspaper’s publication of a series of Mohammed cartoons.

Shapiro said he did not expect his cartoon to spark protests and anger among the Muslim community. (Oh, pleaseeeeee... you already know but you still do it. Hateful.)

“Everybody has a right to protest, it would not be the first time that my work has caused some discomfort,” he said.

Zapiro’s controversial work includes a 2008 carton that showed President Jacob Zuma unzipping his pants to rape a blindfolded Lady Justice.

The figure is held down by Zuma allies, with one saying, “Go for it, boss!" -- AFP

Read more: S.African cartoon of Mohammed raises fear of World Cup protests

And speaking on FREEDOM OF SPEECH, why can't Muslim women all over the world wear the burqa? Isn't it the FREEDOM OF HUMAN RIGHTS? Bias people. And you say your countries support human rights. Liars.


Coffee Catholic said...

Since when does "freedom" equate with blatant disrespect of other people?? These cartoon drawing people are nuts.

Tara Umm Omar said...

I'm convinced the Muslim haters do this just to see us mad and then when the Muslims who react violently are shown in the media, they say "see look how the Muslims really are". Its also probably fun for them to see us get all riled up over their practicing freedom of speech by defaming our beloved prophet (peace be upon him).

Coffee Catholic said...

Sometimes there is too much freedom of speech.

kakchik said...

CC, diff people translate the meaning of freedom differently. But nowadays, disrespect is so hard to ignore. There're too much hates, misunderstanding and such in this world.
If everyone think carefully first before saying or doing something regarding others especially things related to religion, maybe the problem wouldn't be that big.

kakchik said...

Sis Tara, can't say I don't agree with you. Provoking, slandering, discriminating, sneering, and such kind of attitude toward Muslims (and vice versa) will only grows more hatred among us. Islam is peace and we have done lots of efforts to make peace with others but the media only choose to highlights the ones about bad Muslims. Bias.

dprosenthal said...

I agree that common decency and respect should deter one from defaming Muhammad,Moses, Jesus, Buddah, or any other religeous icon - however, most reasonable people do not consider an insult a capital offense. I'm still wondering where the moderate Muslins are to speak out against this rabid reaction to every perceived insult.

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