May 21, 2010

Oh, what a gorgeous bags!

Assalamualaikum and good morning all!

I am just rambling for a while before I turn off th elights and off to dreamland. When I said rambling I mean I gonna just write down whatever came to my mind. 

Just now I was planning to show you some pictures of me inside a new abaya boutique that I saw in town today but I just can't find the folder of those pics. However, I found this bags!

Oooooohhh... both are just so.... my taste.

Actually I have used the former one in one of my Polyvore set and I just follow the link there and found then saved the pics in my hardisk. I wonder how much would they cost? Micheal Korrs.... anyone?

You would wonder how big is the size of this bags. Let see...

Big isn't it? But bigger is better for me even though I know big bags are not safe for my body size.

I'm gonna sleep dreaming of this bags now. You can too if you like, lol. Maybe I need to start counting my money and make necessary investment in order to bu this bags (I want both). 

Just in my dream....


Zuri@ni said...

I love the purple one...big hand bag is so stylish, k.chik...(plus can put so many stuffs inside it)...and then, my husband keep asking me, 'nape la hand bag sayang berat sangat nie?', hahaha

NoR said...

ooooh im a bags,cant get enuf of them. LOL

kakchik said...

Zue: That one is really pretty right. It goes really well with my wardrobe hehe. Kihkihkih... my husband said the same thing.

kakchik said...

NoR, you can satisfy that easily in Singapore. There are so many branded handbag there.

Anonymous said...

Oh...I saw these bags in a magazine today :).You're right,they're gorgeous.And for busy women bigger bags are always better!
Kisses my dear :)!

kakchik said...

Jasmina, how much is it? I guess it must be very expensive. You know MK is no cheap brand. Yep, I am always using big bags. Small ones like hobo and tote is just not giving me satisfaction :)
Hugs for you sis.

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