May 1, 2010

Going out in simple attire.



For those who like skirt and blouse, this is my idea for going out somewhere for today.

Make sure the blouse is loose, opaque, covers your bum nicely and this blue blouse looks suitable. However it's too pricey so find one that's reasonable.

Adorn yourself with simple jeweleries to give a little embellishment. Women are allowed to wear jeweleries as long as not very attention grabber. You do not want potential robbers aim you as their victim, right.

Covers your upper body parts with a simple long and big hijab matching nicely with the blouse and your skirt.

Then hooked on a pair of flat shoes and shouldered the same tone colored handbag.

Now, you are ready to go out with your family.


notti netti said...

wah! sangat terkesima....sungguh menariks

Stylomom said...

Chik, when I wear like this I will look so fat.. especially now... I love this bag.

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