Apr 30, 2010

Where was I?

Assalamualaikum everyone! I'm back!

Alhamdulillah... after the long absence, I think I am back to this blogging world. Back for good insyaallah. Where was I for the 7 days?

Exam Week

Well, at first I was busy with the semester exam and only have the time to update Keluargaku Sayang. It was quite a stress time for me but I'm glad that I managed to sit for the exam in good condition. Insyaallah I've done my best for all the subjects.

The day I finished the exam, I have a cold attack. Yes, influenza. It started with sneezing, then headache, splitting headache, later on coughing then the whole body sickness. I can point to so many factors contributing to the illness. The weather is too hot, no rain at all and it's almost 40 degrees day and night. And also all the stress from the exam. 

So Sick

Working is out of the question. Lying down is too painful for my head, massages only decrease a little of the pain so I persuaded my also sick husband (poor him) to buy some panadol soluble. After 2 days and half, at last the headache was cured. Alhamdulillah.

Home Sweet Home

As I was starting to feel healthy, I have to move out of my current house to my own home. Moving out is another stressful work yet I am quite happy to do it. You know, it has been more than a year for us to wait for our own home. I am really eager to move in. Until today, the process is not complete yet because it's just the two of us doing all the works. Lucky that our home is only a few feet away.

Our book stall at the expo.

Another thing is, my bookshop is participating  in a state exhibition for a week. I have to send books and open up a stall there. In my current condition, I won't be able to maintain the stall but Allah has help me to solve that problem. Alhamdulillah.

Lastly, I have a Personal Blogging Coaching this morning. It was my personal class to personal help my clients to build their own blogs either personal blogs or business blogs. It was a fun class and I have given out my best. I think I achieve 85% of my aim for them. Their blogs are already publish with a beautiful template, some important widgets and both of them said that they understand quite well my coaching. Thank you O Allah!

And the moving out - moving in to our new home is still going on. Till then, see you in my next update. Wassalam.


سيده نفيسه said...

Salam alikum, K.Chik Alhamdulillah ,it was test from Allah SWT and you cured.Oh, that means K.Chik punya stall dekat Pesta Buku? Oh, great!!!


Salam, selamat berkongsi maklumat di alam maya....

Stylomom said...

Salam Dear Chik... I dont like to read that you are unwell.. do take care of yourself deary... on the Pindah note - I like a new house and I like putting things together, bestkan? On the book Fair note, well done you! Alhamdulillah you are always given rezk, that is very good and inshallah everything will come into place... may I ask, what condition you are in when you said, "in my condition"? ( wink*). Salam sayang, Aida

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