May 31, 2010

Morning Shift

Assalamualaikum and good morning everyone.

This is very comforting and cool... No one is at the Family Area now and I am the only person here. Where are those regulars who always comes in the morning to read the newspapers? I wonder why they haven't arrive yet.

Currently I'm doing my shift at the front table of this Library. I love morning shift because I can focus more on keying in the data for the new books that we've received from Australia last 2 weeks. It's very peaceful and I can hear the sound of the vehicles passing by. I can even hear the air-conditioner's fans working to cool down the Library. Peace.

So peaceful... alhamdulillah.

If anyone ask, I'm not a librarian but I work at a Library. Since this library is a waqf public library, the small number of our staffs have to work in shifts so that everyone will be responsible tending the front desk, greeting the people coming in and out of our library,

Oh, here comes one of the regulars... till then, salam.


C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

It looks beautiful masha Allah. I was never taken to any libraries when I was there and none were pointed out to me. How many libraries are there in KB?

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam C.

Alhamdulillah it's beautiful except that after more than 10 years the paint has started to peel.

You can click on the name of the library to take a look.

Actually there are 3 big libraries in KB, the main public library, our library and the majlis agama's library. Other than that there are a few smaller ones scattered around the town.

If you ever come for a visit, pls drop by ours.

ummu said...

Salam kakchik]masyaAllah cantiknya bangunan ni.

kakchik said...

Wkslm ummu masyitah. Memang cantik sb gambar tu diambil 10 tahun lalu. Skrg ni dah luntur sangat catnya.

Hajar said...

What a beautiful library!!! I wonder how it looks like inside... is it well-managed?

kakchik said...

Thank you Hajar on behalf of the Library. Insyaallah it looks very nice, airy and cheerful inside. Please visit the Library's blog at I try to manage it as best as I can, insyaallah.

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