Jul 20, 2010

Fashionable Yet Modest

Assalamualaikum dear friends and readers,

Thank you for taking your time to visit this blog, read and leave some valuable comments. I really appreciate your feedbacks on the things that I've shared here. After I posted about Mr. Hatta Dolmat's creations last night, I kept thinking about the attitude of our Muslim designers who created so many beautiful-to-look-at designs but not aurah appropriate. It's not just the local Malaysian designers but generally the Muslim designers all over the world.

Sri Munawwarah Designs. Image from here.
So far, I only approve designs from Munawwarah Designs, Yasmin Siddik, Amal Murad, SunnahStyle, and Shukr, just to name a few well known designers or fashion companies which specified in Islamic fashion. Please be assured that I'm no fashion expert but as a consumer and a person who love Islamic fashion passionately, I think I have the right to voice my opinion.

Amal Murad
I have a big hope for the local Muslim designers. I wish whenever they want to come out with a new line of creation for Muslimah they will take great care in following the Islamic dress code. Hopefully they can create many fashionable clothes yet they are very modest. Just look at the abayat created by Mrs. Amal Murad, they are very elegant and stylo at the same time very modest.

Sunnah Style
Don't just create clothes that will be praised in the fashion market as beautiful, gorgeous and trendy but defy the main purpose of clothing which is to secure our dignity. Maybe the designers that created the not-so-proper Islamic clothes can't really understand and see the soul in creating a real modest yet fashionable attires because they themselves are not practicing Muslims. Sorry to say but I've seen a lot of them in this country. Just read about them in the mainstream media and many fashion and women magazines.

Apart from the designers and the companies that I've mentioned above, do you know any other designers and fashion companies that designed or manufactured fashionable yet modest Islamic clothing? Please share information about them with me. Thank you.


umm ruman said...

salam kak Chik,

So far I knew there's none local designers whom really designs Islamic clothing except the one I saw in Pavillion, K.L. The designer known as Matelda (can't really recall her name) but she is a Chinese.

Frankly speaking her creation were more modest and compile with the Islamic dressing code (only that her price was remarkable unaffordable).

Well, what happened is vice versa. The Muslim designers cater what is hot in the market whereas the non-Muslim meets the eye of truly Islamic Sunnah.

Coffee Catholic said...

I love that black abaya with the fuchia trim! Very lovely.

Hajar said...

Salams Kak Chik. Apart from the designers and companies, Muslims themselves are tinkering with the modest Islamic clothing to make it more stylish. I.E. belts on abayas ...

Violet2Bloom said...

I am planning to bring in abaya from middle east by famous designers who have had their creations walk down the fashion runway namely Homa Q.However, the number of collections would be limited because they would be sold at RM1000 and above.Keep a look out for it ya.The designs are to die for.

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