Jul 19, 2010

What do you think?

Assalamualaikum dear friends and readers,

Everyday there are many new designs came out and being launched here and there. Many designers are trying to come out with designs for the Muslim people especially the Muslimah. They don't want to be left behind while the trend is still hot. 

Muslimah fashion is spreading everywhere in this world be it in the Muslim countries or countries with many Muslims or the non-Muslim countries. Designers are challenging each other in designing and then producing fashion which they called 'Muslimah Fashion'.

Just now, I came across all the pictures below. They are dresses designed by my local well known designer, Mr. Hatta Dolmat. He called his creations, Lembaran Hatta Buat Muslimah.

ok with a longer hijab


i like it but it would be nice if you match the dress with a longer and bigger hijab.

I'm so sorry Mr. Hatta if my comments are not to your liking. As a muslimah, I just can't accept the tight and clingy dresses are called Muslimah Fashion. They are not on par with the Islamic dress code. Please create a better designs for Muslimah. You are a Muslim too so I think you do know what is the Islamic dress code right?

As for my readers, what do you think? You do not have to agree with me but give your sincere opinion. Thank you.

Pictures are copied from Murai.com


Violet2Bloom said...

Your comment about Hatta Dolmat's fashion under the pictures are enough to say it all.Ramai yg memang nak buat fashion muslimah kononnya but like what mu husband always say, "Sebelum buat fashion,tahu hukum ke tak pasal aurat?" :-)

Coffee Catholic said...

It is amazing that with so much cloth in these outfits, they are so revealing by their tightness.

They are very beautiful, the colors are rich, and the fabrics flow like the ocean. But they should not cling to the body so tightly.

notti netti said...

go purple..go!

MommyCT said...

he must go back to basic....what is 'aurat' in the first place ;)

Gail said...

I think they are very beautiful dresses but they are too tight and not practical (I dont see myself wearing that to the supermarket).

Adib said...

As a muslim guy, fashion doesn't attract me at all. The first things I watch out for is Modesty, followed by Simplicity.

But if one really insists on adding fashion to clothes, then maybe they could add more cloth to the clothes and letting it hang loosely.

umm ruman said...

Salam kak Chik,

I can't understand why Malaysia Muslim designers nowadays claimed themselves as sole designer of Muslimah Fashion.

I completely agree with you as these fashion are so unacceptable to be named as Muslimah Clothing..With those excessive cloth, unnecessary draping, showing all the curves of a woman which suppose to be hidden and don't you think it is a waste of cloth?

Other should be highlight by Mr Hatta is regarding the colours..The colours are too bright. Definitely it will attract more men to look at the women.

For me, honestly it is a ridiculous designs. Mr Hatta should ask several opinions before purse with these missed and match abaya.

Sarah said...

I should say loosen it up a bit Mr. Hatta!

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam Waheeda,
Your husband is right. Our designers should know, understand and consider the meaning of aurah before they create all the clothes. Maybe we should take over their place and be a real designers :D ?

kakchik said...

You are right Michelle. I don't know why people like to create dresses that have so much excess clothes usually on the lower part but do not really cover properly. Like what you said, they are revealing.

kakchik said...

netti, kakchik dah tau net suka warna purple.

kakchik said...

Agree with you MommyCT.

kakchik said...

Gail, I think so too. Maybe he just focus on dresses for formal wear. Yet, still need to consider the Islamic dress code.

kakchik said...

Good for you Adib. My husband also doesn't take note in the fashion line except that he likes being clean, smart and modest. Agree on the second part too.

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam Kak Azah,

Me too. Who give them the authority?

Simply said, a waste.

I'm ok with the colours as long as they are for the women's eyes only but if for the purpose of wearing them among mix gender, then it's a NO.

He is a famous designer, I don't know whether he consult any religious advisers or not.

kakchik said...

That would be a good advice Sarah.

Violet2Bloom said...

Insya Allah who knows.Maybe one day, i'll go down to kelantan and we'll start brainstorming on our designs.Kak Chik and Waheeda wardrobe. We can call it, the Chikeeda.That's pretty catchy I think.What do you think?

kakchik said...

Yeah, Chikeeda really has catchy sound to it. I think we can do that, lol.

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