Jul 16, 2010

Money and Luxury is Never Enough

Assalamualaikum dan Happy Jumu'ah everyone.

Even though I wish all of us to have a happy and peaceful Jumu'ah, I am actually very sad to read this in the news today.

Friday July 16, 2010
Datuk, wife and six others held in baby trafficking probe

KUCHING: A luxury car dealer who is a Datuk, his wife and six others involved in a suspected baby trafficking ring have been remanded for six days as two more children were rescued yesterday.

Magistrate Nelson W. Angang granted the remand order after considering the request by the police to carry out investigations under the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act, 2007 and to identify the children involved.

Police yesterday found a three-year-old toddler and 12-year-old girl in a house in Batu Kawa. This brings the number of rescued children to six.

From left: A businessman carrying the title ‘Datuk’, his 24-year-old son and a relative were among the 10 suspects brought in court for the baby trafficking case.

The children were all brought to court yesterday and some of the babies were crying uncontrollably.

It is learnt that they were initially supposed to be sent to a shelter in Kuala Lumpur but were later placed under the custody of the state Welfare Department.

Police believe the 43-year-old Datin could be the mastermind of the alleged syndicate.

She and her husband, who is 65, were detained at their house at Jalan Stampin Tengah on Wednesday morning when the police “rescued” three children at their residence.

All three children have documentation; one infant girl was registered with a couple, while two boys were registered under another couple.

The two couples, who were also remanded, are believed to be the Datin’s relatives.
Out of the woods: A baby and a toddler among six rescued from the suspected human trafficking syndicate.
Out of the woods: A baby and a toddler among six rescued from the suspected human trafficking syndicate.

The other two suspects remanded are a local woman and an Indonesian woman believed to be the Datin’s friends.

They were arrested at 1.24am and 2.15am at their house at Green Height and Batu Kawah respectively yesterday.

The suspected baby trafficking syndicate was exposed following the rescue of an infant at Batu Kawah new township in an undercover police operation.

The baby was allegedly to be sold for RM10,000.

A woman who carried the baby during the bust has been detained under the Immigration Act. Judging by the ages of some of the children rescued, the suspected ring could have been operating for quite some time.

They are wealthy people yet they do human trafficking! Oh my goodness! I pity those babies and children because they were the victims. My heart feels so heavy looking at them crying. Poor babies.

I wish they get a heavier sentence for their evil deeds and to know that a WOMAN is the mastermind is just beyond me. Astaghfirullahalaziim.


Coffee Catholic said...

This horror is everywhere! That is why even though I live in the country I keep a sharp eye on my children. There are many people in the world that want to buy babies and children and they don't care where or how these children come to be in their posession!

umm ruman said...

Salam Kak Chik,

This can happen if Money is their god. They have everything but yet it is still not enough.

kakchik said...

MIchelle, there are so many desperate couples looking for babies. Sometimes because of bureaucracy and legal issues, these couples opt to the illegal ways. they were also victims to some of the human trafficking scam. You've done the right thing by keeping a sharp eyes on your children, their safety come first.

kakchik said...

Wkslm kak azah.
True. Money can be evil sometimes especially when people cannot see their Creator.

Violet2Bloom said...

Akhir zaman.Bak kata Nabi, 3 TA:

kakchik said...

Wkslm waheeda. Memang benar tu.

Hajar said...

Wonder if the source of their wealth came from baby trafficking ... and how long they've been doing this 'work' ... nauzubillah ...

Gail said...

That's just really sad. And these people have harden hearts. Even though they didnt get a harsher sentence in this life, they will still have to deal with Allah SWT.

notti netti said...

eee...marahnyeee......marahnyeee........kena makan nie baru tenang sikit...

kakchik said...

Hajar, I have the same thought when I've finished reading the report. Nevertheless, they should be punished by what they've done. Considering their position in the community, they should have been a good example but they aren't. Such a money thirsty people.

kakchik said...

let's just pray that Allah will deal with their bad deed with a just punishment.
If on this world they don't repent then we just let Allah judge them.

kakchik said...

bahaya betul net ni. bila marah kena makan ya? kalau cam tu cool down ya. nanti kan naik berat badan kes marahkan penjenayah2 tu :)

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