Jul 30, 2010

Reality Program: Imam Muda (The Young Imam)

Assalamualaikum and salam Jumu'ah to all dear friends and readers.

Jumu'at is here once again. Alhamdulillah we are still breathing and definitely can do lots of amal makruf nahi mungkar. Talking abaout Amal Makruf, insyaallah it's not that difficult to do because doing something good such as say Salaam, prepare breakfast for our loved ones, take care of our husband's needs, smile sincerely and so on. Another activity that can be amal makruf is maybe by spreading the beauty of Islam and sharing good information about it like this tv reality program, Imam Muda.

As I am quite a busy lady :D I don't have enough time to spare for watching the program on OASIS Astro Channel but there is always other methods to do so. Yes, youtube. This morning I planned to go to Dataran Ilmu in Kota Bharu to listen to Tok Guru's religious lecture but my husband has other plans so I'd have to follow him since this is our only day to spend lots of time together. Before we went out, I took some time to watch Imam Muda.

After watching one episode, I'd like to recommend this to you, friends all over the world. This is a kind of reality program that our tv channel should promote not the Akademi Fantasia, One In A Million and such. Luckily there's someone generous enough to make English subtitles for the program. Let's watch Episode 7. I've tried looking for other episodes with subtitles but to no avail. If anyone happens to know, please inform me, thank you.

This reality program has become quite a HIT among Malaysian (Muslims) because of it's different factors , approaches, objectives, and issues compared to other reality programs. I'm gonna save all of the videos for future reviews and sharing.

Credits to buzzbuzz44 youtube's channel and Astro Oasis for such a good program. Insyaallah there'll be more good Islamic tv programs after this. Allahu'alam.



Imam muda memang telah mencipta fenomena yang tersendiri..
Kagum dengan produksi rancangan ini..

Mat Salleh Belacan dan Paku Berbahasa Melayu

Hajar said...

Salams Kak Chik.

Fascinating show! Frankly speaking, this is the kind of safe entertainment that an entire family can watch together and reap benefits from it. Hope there will be more shows like this.

PS :: Seems like the show is also getting coverage from other countries, and being watched by non-Muslims. :)

umm ruman said...

Salam Kak Chik,

I've never been so glued in TV before since this Imam Muda programme has taken over like tycoon. I've been informed the viewers has reached 1 million and it is a very good sign showing how audience really hunger for this kind of programme. May this programme will be successfull many years to come.

kakchik said...

to PEJUANG KESENIAN EXTREME: Kita sama-sama sokong program begini dan doakan agar makin banyak program berbentuk keagamaan begini dibuat slps ni.

kakchik said...

to Hajar: Wa'alaikummussalam my dear. 100% agree with you sis. We should have more of this kind of shows in our 'Muslim' country.

Alhamdulillah for that development. Maybe other country would want to buy the copyright.

kakchik said...

to umm ruman: Wa'alaikummussalam kak azah. You are lucky to have a chance to watch it kak. I'm not that lucky. Wow! 1 million! Mashaallah. I think it is a very positive feedback. Amiin to your du'a kak.

Adib said...

It's a good program, at least better than those rubbish music programs. I've only gotten the chance to watch it once, which was last night. Perhaps because of that, I don't know what the main objective of the program is. It probably might be something good, but as I watched last night, I tried to imagine myself in the Imam's place, which I wasn't able to do. MashaAllah, the Imam seemed to be very sincere on TV, may Allah accept his good deeds. As for me, I don't think I'd ever be ready to receive as much fame as him.

kakchik said...

Yes, better than all those lagho programs. I don't even have the chance to watch the show but I search for the background info and found that the objectives are quite good. I'll support this program if they want to continue it next year. Allah chose them to be in the limelight because they can. Anyway, at least you can be the Imam of your family.

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