Jul 27, 2010

Special school for pregnant teenagers.

Sometimes I just can't believe that our Ministers are thinking like this!

Malaysia mulls pregnant teen school to curb dumping
AFP - Monday, July 26

KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) - – A Malaysian state is considering establishing a school for pregnant teenagers, to curb an alarming epidemic of "baby dumping", a report said Monday.

The chief minister of Malacca state, Mohamad Ali Rustam, said according to the New Straits Times that the school was among strategies including encouraging pregnant girls to marry.

Only married teens will be allowed to attend the school.

"For unmarried teenagers, they also can be part of the school but with one condition -- they must marry the baby's father," Ali said.

Authorities in Muslim-majority Malaysia are grappling with the problem of rising numbers of abandoned infants, often dumped dead or dying in the streets or on rubbish dumps.

"This problem has become a disease of sorts. We cannot just turn our backs and think that this is not our problem," Ali said according to the English-language daily.

"Baby dumping cases usually happen among the Muslim community as teenagers were desperate to conceal their pregnancies. Some of the girls were also disowned by their families," he said.

"They do not perform abortions as this is prohibited in Islam. So, they take the shortcut to solve their problem by dumping their newborns. We do not want this to continue. It has to be stopped."

The chief minister said Malacca was considering establishing a special school for pregnant girls to encourage them to continue with their education and to protect their unborn children.

"In the event normal schools cannot accept pregnant girls, we are going to build a school just for them," he reportedly said, adding that youngsters from other states could also attend.

"This school will cater to those who are legitimately married."

Astaghfirullah.... what say you my friends?


petite_girlz07 said...

salam kak cik.....
2 r....
mcm mggalakkan lg mksiat ni..uhuhuhu....
bkn nk bendung....

Ummi said...

Salam Kak Cik;

Penyelesaian yang tidak menyelesaikan masalah malah mungkin menjana lebih banyak masalah. Keadah paling bagus, cari akar umbi - zina - bagaimana nak elakkan - berbalik pada kaedah Al-Quran. Sekolah ini cuma menyelesaikan buah akibat akar yang sudah teguh bertapa dalam masyarakat kita (kenyataan yang amat menakutkan).

C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

This is better than baby dumping for sure. Here in Canada there is no stigma if you go to school pregnant as a teen. No one gets married at all. Of course its not a muslim country. What the gov't and the mosques really need to do is to teach malays that dating is haram in the first place. There is a real need for a better islamic education in Malaysia. Teach people what is halal so they can avoid what is haram. You can get to know someone if your parents are your chaperones and the guy is intending on marriage. Mosques should get involved to make sure people are being matched up islamically with the purpose in mind of marrying a religous person. Early marriage should be encouraged for those unwilling to wait while they pursue their education. As for those who fall through the cracks then there should be alternatives like schools like these. No baby deserves to die for the sins of their parents. And where are the grandparents in this scenario? How did they raise their kids? It takes a village to raise a child. This problem is just a proof of how far the society in Malaysia is getting from Islam. Parents should also make it easy for their kids to get married. They don't want to interrupt their kids education but look at the consequences. In Malaysia most of the old generation got married early as they had little education. By postponing marriage for education you end up with this problem because not all people are saints. It is possible to get an education even with a child. Its not the best scenario but its better than baby dumping.

umm ruman said...

Salam Kak Chik,

This will never settle the issue, in fact it will encourage them to zina because they know if they get pregnant there's a place for them to go..

This issue should be curb from the root, since their early childhood, Islam should be cultivated as early as possible but nowadays parents are more busier than ever till they neglected the Here After and the impact is their children..

Our government becoming more secular nowadays. That's what happened when Islamic values are not in their mind.

talooleh said...

SO...is it haram for them to "have an abortion" when they got pregnant "without being married"?????
and instead of doing this "special school for pregnant teenagers"

kakchik said...

wkslm ida, tak taulah macamana seorang ketua menteri boleh fikir begitu? budak2 yang buat dosa tu agaknya skrg dah berkira2, "ala... kalau mengandung, boleh masuk sek tu." isyk.

kakchik said...

Wkslm Ummi, kakchik setuju dengan pandangan Ummi tu. Seharusnya akar umbi diselesaikan bukannya perkara dah terlanjur. Mereka tak nampak kot.

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam C.

"What the gov't and the mosques really need to do is to teach malays that dating is haram in the first place. There is a real need for a better islamic education in Malaysia. Teach people what is halal so they can avoid what is haram."

This is what is lacking. I don't mean they are doing this dakwah but the gov't is too much lacking in this responsibility. The mosques did their job but it's not enough without the cooperation from the gov't. New Malay generation are confused about halal and haram.

kakchik said...

Wkslm Kak Azah, yes, definitely agree. The problem must be curb at the root. I don't whether our gov't know what is the root problem. Secularism and capitalism have been cloding their judgement.

kakchik said...

dear talooleh, I think there's a different law for abortion depends on the cause of the pregnancy. it's complicated here.
our secular gov't likes to work around the issue but not trying to curd it from the root.
things are getting more confusing here.

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