Jul 24, 2010

SunnahStyle Bisht Abaya

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh.

Do you know what is bisht abaya? Have you ever heard of square cut abaya? Maybe you've read about butterfly abaya in my previous post. Actually bisht abaya, square cut abaya and butterfly abaya arae basically the same kind of abaya. Bisht is actually a traditional jilbab for Middle Eastern men. They are usually worn in formal ceremony. It is usually a black square cut robe with gold trimming.

However, today, I'm going to share with you some information about bisht abaya for women which is very modest and particularly follow the sunnah style. As I am not very knowledgeable about this abaya so I have borrowed a very good post about bisht abaya from SunnahStyle Blog.

Please read here,
Beauty of the Bisht

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as salaamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh

Beautiful bisht abayat


The Bisht abaya style has a similar to design to the full butterfly style but unlike the butterfly, it has no seam to define the body or sleeves. This gives the abaya an open width which allows it to fit loosely on every body type. The style is actually very similar to the traditional overhead (without sleeves) but instead of being worn on the head, it is worn on the shoulders. Compared to other shoulder abayas, the bisht provides superior coverage which is almost equivalent to an overhead.

Sleeve design

Sleeve Design

The side edges of the bisht abaya can be shaped in two ways - they can be gradually tapered in towards the bottom of the garment or they can be square shaped. The tapered sides reduce the amount of excess fabric which makes the abaya more manageable when worn. The tapering also prevents the sides from dragging below the actual length of the garment. As for the square sides, this design does provide more coverage since it includes much more fabric. However, the square sides can be impractical depending on where the abaya is being worn since the sides have a tendency to drag.

Tapered vs. Square Sides - See the difference?


The design of the bisht abaya makes it super modest and useful for wearing over fancy and glittery garments. The style is also great for the summer since the loose fit allows air to flow through easily and is just as wearable in the winter when it can be worn over warm bulky clothing.

The cut of the abaya allows it to fit comfortably on expecting sisters, even in the later stages of pregnancy. Better yet, it can still be worn after birth without looking like maternity wear. All of our current bisht abayas at SunnahStyle.com also include a zipper opening at the neck to accomodate nursing mothers.


Our favourite thing about the Bisht style is that it is naturally one-size-fits-all. Since the style has no defined body or sleeves, it provides a loose and flowing fit for all body types, including plus and petite.

When choosing your size for a bisht style abaya the only two measurements you need to look at are the length and the sleeve span since the width will fit regardless. The sleeve span measurement is important since it affects the way the sleeves and shoulders fit. To measure your sleeve span, take an abaya or top that you currently own and fits you well. Lay the garment on the floor with the arms spread straight out in the shape of a ‘T’. Then measure from the start of one sleeve, across the front of the garment to the start of the other sleeve. Your sleeve span should be equal to or close to the actual sleeve span of the abaya for a similar fit.

Actually if you have the nick for sewing, you can easily sew a bisht abaya for your own self because it is quite easy. But if you are a busy person like me, you can have someone else make the abaya for you. Remember my butterfly abaya? It was a square cut bisht but I have tapered the end a bit to make it easier for me to walk without the end of the abaya sweeping the floor.

Well, it depends on where you wear it.


notti netti said...

eee..cantik..tapi net suka ketat cikit eheheheh

kakchik said...

net, kalau preference net macam tu, kena pakai abaya oman sebab dia ada tali kat pinggang.

umm ruman said...

Salam kak Chik,

Very informative kak Chik, I never thought they had these wide range of abayas and what i like the most it really covers the shape of women's figure.

Seldom I saw women in Malaysia wearing it and I don't think so it's suitable for me to wear to my workplace. But hopefully one day I could own one of it.

Do you sell it kak chik? :-)

Puan nadxoxo said...

memang suka abaya macam ni..tapi mcm xbyk org jual online la :(

kalau ada kakchik bagitau eh? thx :D

Coffee Catholic said...

The downside of living where I live is that we have intense wind and rain all winter long. Anything that is loose gets blown UP. It's dreadful! I spend most of the winter with my garments blowing up and revealing my legs. So I wear trousers under everything. This Abaya would be like a sail on a boat up here. :-(

Hajar said...

Nice! I can imagine floating in the winds with that! :)

kakchik said...

Wkslm kak azah,

Alhamdulillah if you find it so. I am trying to share more info about types of abaya especially the ones that I like.

Yes, in Malaysia it still new but I think you must have seen women wearing caftan right? They are almost the same only except for the material and colour.

No, I don't kak azah but I'm planning to.

kakchik said...

nad, memang kat Malaysia belum ada yg betul2 jual abaya butterfly ni. kalau nad berminat, kakchik boleh tolong.

kakchik said...

Aja, when you said that I just remember the flying squirrel.

kakchik said...

Michelle, I think you would have to adapt to wearing a more suitable abaya for the windy weather over there. Have you try the abaya with pants? Usually those abaya are just knee length. Would be better with weather there.

Puan nadxoxo said...

yeke kak chik? tapi kedai dari bkn malaysia ye? tentu mahal kan? tu yg xbes tu :P

kakchik said...

iya nad dan jangan bimbang pembuatnya di Malaysia. Harga pun murah je. dalam RM130 je.

sang isteri said...

salam..kak chik, i need a help from u, can u give me the method on how to order or to buy this type of abaya...tqvm
i want to put them in my little store..

my email

Puan nadxoxo said...

Alamak Kak Chik, Nad br tgk komen Kak Chik ni. Asalnya nk beli lah 1 jubah kaftan ni utk raya tapi Nad br je beli 1 jubah utk raya b4 tgk komen Kak Chik nih. Next time kalau Nad nk beli Nad kontek Kak Chik balik ek. Thx byk2 tau Kak Chik!

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