Jul 23, 2010

Trying to Take Over the World!: Help a sister out!

Trying to Take Over the World!: Help a sister out!:

Sakeenah from Hijab Style Guide started a chip in for Aalia. I think most of you already know the difficulties she is going through right now and we would like to help her out. PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Keep her in your du'as.  You never know when it is someone that you care about that may be facing a similar trial.  May Allah swt put her affairs in order, give her peace in her heart, heal her from all the trauma she has endured (still enduring), reunite her with her child and give her the highest jannah. ameen.

as salam alaikum,
as some of you may know Aalia from chasing jannah is in a VERY difficult situation right now, please take some time to read her blog so you are up to date what whats happening and why i am doing this. I feel compelled to help her its all i have thought of since i read what was happening, if it was me separated from my child i would hope that people would come to help me.
With Ramadan just around the corner this is a perfect opportunity to not only increase your reward but also help a sister in need.
I have placed a chip-in widget on the right side of the screen you can donate as little or as much as you like, ALL funds will be given to Aalia to spend towards a plane ticket and whatever else she may need (legal fees, food, accommodation....etc)

NOTICE: This is a repost from Sister Tuttie's blog, Trying to Take Over the World! Click on her link above to find the donation box.

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