Aug 8, 2010

Style Idea for Tomorrow


umm ruman said...

Kak Chik,

Why you never go wrong with fashion? :-) You always gave a good in-sight on how to be creative with abaya. From not knowing to at least it opened my eyes how muslimah can still be fashionable without sacrificing their aurat. thanks kak chik.

umm ruman said...

kak Chik,

I meant to ask you this question for quite sometime but always forgotten but today lucky I remembered. :-)

How do you take care of you abayas? I mean how do you clean and wash it? especially with stones and crystal drop? do you used washing machine gentle cycle to wash abaya or simply using hand? is there any special detergent in our country to keep the colour gorgeously black?

kakchik said...

Kak Azah, that's a very high praise for an amateur like me. I was trying to create sets that I think I'll be able to wear it by myself, that's my policy. I'm really glad that you find my ideas very useful. Alhamdulillah.

And regarding your question, I wash my abayat by hands. I just can't let them being wash by the machine. They are too valuable, hehe. No special detergent and I'm afraid the chemical that we called detergent is slowly making the colour of our abayat lighter. That's why I'm dealing for a rights to sell 'that abaya shampoo', soon.

سيده نفيسه said...

Salam, agree with Umm Ruman.Kak Chik should be a fashion consultant :).Still, how to wear the shyla like that lady? I wonder!!!Ramadhan Mubarak Kak chik and hubb and fams :)love ya

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam سيده نفيسه

Thank you for believing in me. I might just make a career change than, hehe.

It's easy to do the hijab style but I don't have spare time to make a video or a tutorial.

Ramadhan Mubarak to you too dear sister.

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