Sep 19, 2010

Like a crab teaching it's children to walk straight

Assalamualaikum and may blessings of Allah be upon all of you.

Dear friends and readers,

Last week during a visit to my husband's friend's house, I was talking with the wife. She is a religious teacher at one of the prestigious Islamic school in this State. I was very glad that we got clicked quite fast even though we are just being introduced properly.

The sister is a bit younger than me but she called herself 'Kakak' because I think she's more matured than me with 2 daughters. There's no problem there and in a way, we get a bit closer like that.

Since my husband and her husband were busy talking to one another mostly about Internet Marketing and what not, both of us try to occupy our time by talking about social issues. From the topic of ZINA among the teenagers to the current hijab trends, the instant 'tudung' that can be spotted on many local women heads. Yes, the Malay Muslim.

She shared with me her constant disappointment with her colleagues, known here as USTAZAHs or religious teachers. How can an Ustazah teaches good fashion sense, (when I said that, it means Islamic fashion sense) when she herself is not appropriately covering herself according to our Islamic dress code.

For example, the Ustazah scolded her students for wearing a short instant 'tudung' like al-amira hijab that does not cover properly the aurah. Yet, the Ustazah was wearing a lycra hijab that was sticking to her body like a second skin. Yes, the size of the hijab is big but it is showing clearly the assets that should be hidden. So... is she teaching the correct thing?

In another case, female students were asked to came to school for Qiamullail and everyone were required to wear modest clothes aka properly covering the aurah. However, some of the women teachers who came to supervise, came in casual clothes and not even bother to wear proper hijab.

There is a Malay proverb that say that kind of attitude as 'Ibarat ketam mengajar anak berjalan lurus." The title is the direct translation of this proverb. Basically this proverb is trying to tell us not to say other people's way is wrong when we ourselves are not doing the right thing. So make sure we walk the talk if we want to teach or preach to others. If not others would not be listening or following out advice.

I hope I am not like those Ustazahs and I hope they'll realize their mistake soon before more people are disappointed with us.


ellen557 said...

Wow, how strange! If I was a young student there, I probably wouldn't even listen to them because they obviously don't believe what they're saying astagfirAllah.
I have never spoke with someone about their hijab because I know 100% that I could be better with my own hijab and my own clothes. So why can teachers not see that? Kakchik you'd be a great teacher mashaAllah, you're honest and could inspire young women to love hijab ;)

Hajar said...

Assalamualaikum Kak Chik,

I actually had to google al-amira hijab. Bah~ I am so outdated! :(

I do agree with u. These days we often see people with hijab, but it takes a lot to realize that covering up means much more than just draping ourselves with a piece of cloth.

kakchik said...

ellen, very strange indeed. that's the reality here. i am ok with the hijab if the person wearing it is small built and not very big because the tudung will not be showing her body very much. however, it's not suitable at all for big women and much more not suitable if they are a religious teacher. i hope those teachers reflect a bit on their own appearance before they pick on their students. thank you for saying those good things about me but believe me, i'm not very good at teaching people. i'm not patient enough to handle people.

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam Hajar.

LOL, I've done the same thing a few years ago when I first read the word in someone's blog. No, you're not outdated. It's because in our daily life we never heard that term so, it's new vocab for you.
Hopefully, everyday more and more women would understand the real concept of hijab so that everyone will be paying more attention in covering.

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