Oct 9, 2010

The fashion of today's teens.

 From my observation starting from 9 am until now at the public library.

1. Skinny jeans or skinny pants.

2. Tight and short shirts or t-shirts either short or long sleeves.

3. High heels, funky flats and funky wedges.

4. Cardigan on a hot day.

5. Instant hijab or tudung bawal which is flipped over the shoulders making it falls above the breasts.

6. Baju kurung but wears no other layer under the skirt. It's see-through.

7. Big handbags with funky colourful designs.

8. Expensive mobile phones.

9. Lots of them are following the Korean pop culture styles.

10. Boys are trying to look macho, spotting a mohican look-a-like hairdos. 

I think that's all that I can summarize for now. Luckily, they are here to study, well at least most of them are. A few are trying to take the opportunity to meet their girl friends or boy friends but were prevented from doing so inside the library. Sorry, it's not allowed.

I'm still thinking of the best way to approach them and share with them the concept of wearing modest clothing for Muslims. I've tried distributing some pamphlets about aurat but not that influencing. I think the best approach would be a personal talk. However it's too impossible to do it when we don't have enough man power.

So, for now, I'll make du'a for them. May Allah open up their hearts to the accept the nasihah and make changes to their attires. May Allah show them that wearing a proper aurah-covering clothes is the best action to do as a Muslim. May Allah show them the beauty of following the true teachings of Islam.

They are my younger sisters and brothers in Islam and I wish they can see the greatness of following the sunnah in their way of life.


dhia said...

'they' are my friends and from my p.o.v it has become too common.

friends influence their friends. its hard to change because you know, you'll be the weird one there.

it really needs courage of changing if you are alone.

anyway its very nice of you to have an effort in this ;')

btw, most of them are influence by the korean fashion style since korea is the trend and their likings nowaday. maybe of drama like nurkasih was shown everyday and become their likings, jubah and etc will be the trend

but the thing is, when you dress, it suppose to be for Allah, and not to be in style isn't it?

anyway its a nice blogpost to ponder upon.

sorry for my lengthy comment.

C said...

Asalaamu alaikum

I think there should be ceramahs aimed at the youth and maybe there should be islamic conferences like we have here in Canada with lots of speakers and Islamic books and clothes all under one roof. I know these things are all available in Malaysia but I think it would be a way to highlight Islam more. In Canada the youth run the whole conference (RIS). Its amazing. When the youth feel that Islam is theirs and not just something you do in old age then it will grow. I've talked to a few Malays and they said that dating is considered acceptable in Malaysia even by the parents! I was shocked. I thought they were sneaking behind their parents backs! So the parents need some education too. The imams need to come out of the mosque and start talking to people. It looks to me that only men and old ladies go to the mosque in Malaysia. Young girls and mothers need to be there too or there should be some outreach. Oh I feel everything you are saying because I lived there for 4 months and saw everything and was so disappointed. May Allah guide the muslims there to the straight path. Amin.

Em said...

hmm, I like the pamphlet idea but informing them simply about what modesty is and what the clothing rules are may not be enough. Perhaps if you can find or make another pamphlet to go with the first one in which you show modest ways to be stylish? and ofcourse using korean fashion trends but how to wear them modestly. girls love fashion magazines, they like flipping through and looking at the pictures. and perhaps they will find some inspiration from that. you can use polyvore, or things like that or just link them to blogs that discuss fashionable modesty or articles in newspapers and other magazines that show it.

I think it's great that you care enough to say something, but remember that this information has to be presented in such a way that will be appealing to their age group. This way it will not just go in one ear and out the other, but will actually be something they remember and use in the way they dress.

aiyine said...

yep..same to dhiya. 'they' are my frens too.

it's not easy though to make them realize how important it is to cover the aurat.

for me, the best way is to make them understand the real meaning of islam..and islam as the way of life. but how? there's no other way except tarbiah. back to the basic, akidah. and this of course, will not be easy..and it took a long way with lots of patient and istiqamah.

nowadays..there are lots of muslims..but not much of mu'min..

Anonymous said...

Nope I agree...its just sick whats going on in todays Muslim society...Im just so fed up with what I see inrl and online!

kakchik said...

dhia, it's not easy isn't it? peer pressures sure make one's afraid to change especially when it comes to dress change from un-Islamic to more Islamic. I hope our teens have a stronger iman to overcome this challenge and realize that pleasing Allah is more important than pleasing friends. I was once a teenager too and I know what you mean. Alhamdulillah, my stubbornness has kept me from the flow. Insyaallah they can too. And it's ok to write more, I like it.

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam Kak Aisyah.
There are already lots of ceramah and special conferences for them sis, but they are not very interested in joining. Maybe this is what happens when you are born Muslims and living in a country where more than half of it's populations are Muslims. Islam is taken for granted not treasured and loved very much. However I will keep sharing with them my 'ilm and my happiness being Muslim, and living Islam.

kakchik said...

wa'alaikummussalam aiyine.
i agree tarbiah is the most basic step in teaching them about the beauty of Islam which is also the fundamental foundation of their way of life. hopefully more knowledgeable and experienced bros and sis will involve in this journey.

kakchik said...

Umm Ibrahim, dakwah is not easy. We use our blogs to share knowledge and experience hoping that people can change. But I know, both of us know that hidayah is only by Allah's will. Life is getting more and more challenging each day and it's really getting of our nerves. Let's work harder and smarter to influence our sisters to change for the better.

kakchik said...

Thank you Em for the suggestion. Insyaallah I think it's a good idea to do so. It's a project to promote REAL Islamic clothes but it won't be easy for me since I'm not very good in writing eye-grabbing or mid-catching phrases. But insyaallah I'll do my best.

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