Oct 5, 2010

My Precious Handbag


This morning while I was getting ready to go to work, I was thinking of changing my handbag from the current one that I'm using to another handbag. I have several handbags that I used daily to any kind of events. All my handbags are big in size because I love spaces and I need them to put so many things, important things even though I seldom use some of them.

The most comfortable handbag that I love to use is this one from Rorine:

I love this handbag.

I've bought it in 2008 if I'm not mistaken with a reduced price because I am a member of the Rorine MLM business. I love it because:
1. The big size. You can store an A4 paper inside. The width is just nice for my taste.
2. It is layered with a gauzy cloth material inside which I always preferred.
3. The shoulder strap's length is just nice and when I carry the bag, it's always stays on my hip.

This is an original Rorine handbag and I think among all the choices, this is the best one for me.


umm ruman said...

Nice handbag kak chik, Love the colour..Even I've never bought any from Rorine but actually they have lot of choices. Perhaps should look at it more details..thanks kak chik for sharing..

sayyidah cliff nafisah said...

this bag really suits you, kak chik.u wore this when we were met.really nice on you!

Latife said...

assalamu allekum! this subjuct actual to mee too now )))

kakchik said...

thank you kak azah. actually i don't really like rorine products that much but some of their shoes and handbags are really my type so i just buy the ones that i really like. yes, you should give them a try.

kakchik said...

thank you nafisah. it's getting old but well-used. some part of the leather has started to tear of but that's what makes it feels so good.

kakchik said...

You must be a bag lover's too, isn't it Latife?

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