Oct 17, 2010

My New Abaya

Assalamualaikum and good evening to all friends and readers.

To abaya lovers out there, let's wear abaya. It's so comfortable and suitable to every kind of events. LOL, please forgive me my friends for being so in love with this type of clothes. I am not saying that other kind of muslimah dresses are not good. It's just that I love abaya.

Ever since I started wearing my first abaya in 2007, my wardrobe has made an almost 180 degree changes. If you have the opportunity to open the door of my wardrobe, you shouldn't be surprise if everything inside it is black.

And recently I have added another one to the increasingly crowded storage. A few already found a new owner during Ramadhan and that's why I have to re-stock hehe.

I am not buying expensive ones, only a 'budget abaya'.

Here's a close up of the machine ambroidery on the sleeve and the front opening.

I might put a picture of me wearing it later depends on my mood.


Blue Pearl said...

Thats very beautiful embroidery - so lovely!

Coffee Catholic said...

Black is so elegant! I love abaya too but so many are against Muslims that I'm honestly afraid to wear too much abaya in public. But I think I'll start to try and wear abaya more often. I know this must sound so strange coming from a Catholic but isn't hijab universal? :-)

Azura Iznil said...

Kak Chick,

I love Abaya..I love black..Black & abaya are so chick & elegant.

hati pink said...

i got same opinion like you..in the midst of collecting them for one blessing day..

kakchik said...

Thank you Blue Pearl. It's very simple but I think it's beautiful too.

kakchik said...

Yes, it is Michelle. Just be careful and take care of yourself and the family around those people. I know how much you like hijabs and abayas but I please be careful ok.

kakchik said...

Thank you Azura. Are you also wear abaya daily like me?

kakchik said...

hati pink, may that blessed day comes soon.

Azura Iznil said...

Kak Chik..belom daily sbb tak cukup collections..tehehe. InsyaAllah.

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