Oct 15, 2010

What happen when you win all?

Assalamualaikum and Jumu'ah Mubarak everyone!

Happy! Happy! Happy!

That's what I'm feeling right now. I won again! And I just don't remember when did I joined the contest.

I haven't been making any new style sets in Polyvore for almost 2 weeks now and when I logged in just now, I was surprised.

Because of this:

This makes me feel really great! Thank you Hanan of Proud Hijabis for organizing the contest.

Out of 391 entries, my entries were voted to win all 5 places. Mashaallah! THANK YOU to all the participants who have voted my entries.

For your view, this is the screen capture of the contest's page:

Click on image for a better view.
That's a good news for me. Alhamdulillah.


lina said...

Salam,Congrats kak chik. You deserve to win

kakchik said...

Wkslm Lina. Thanks sis.

umm ruman said...

Alhamdulillah kak chik..Congratulation, I think I'm the one became too over excited..hehehe, so next time each time I want to buy abaya from you, can you choose the best for me? I'm lost and so not good in choosing perfect abaya..

dhia said...

congrats :) its all beautiful

anyway, i just wonder, do u get anything from winning. or is it the satisfaction factor? and what did they do with your styles?


Anonymous said...

Oh Kakchik :),salam and congratulations on winning the contest...you really deserve it.I like all the ensembles very much and they inspire me,too.
Love :)!

Hajah Zainab bt Abdullah said...

Congratulations kakchik. I am happy for you. Your beautiful & smart combinations , apparels and your choice of colors suit very well ~ hence you won the contest.

Keep it up! You can be a good image consultant!

Miss Globe said...

Congrats! Sometimes I look your sets and some of the others in Polyvore to have an idea for my clothes. I am new in wearing hijab and Alhamdulillah, I feel happy and better. It does not stop me losing my fashion sense. hehe..

kakchik said...

Syukran k.azah. Insyaallah I'll do my best to assist you sis even though I don't think I'm very good at it. I think it will becomes perfect abaya when you wear it with confidence, be it a cheap one or an expensive one.

kakchik said...

thank you dhia. it's only pure satisfaction sis and recognition. there's nothing material in the contest except if the organizer wants to do so.

kakchik said...

Thank you jasmina. I hope one day you can try wear one of the style ideas that I've created. You must be beautiful in them.

kakchik said...

Syukran Mama. Thanks for the compliments too. Oh, how I wish your prediction comes true.

kakchik said...

Thank you Miss Globe. Beauty is something that Allah like, so being pretty and fashionable is not wrong as long as we follows the real Islamic dress code.

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