Nov 9, 2010

My Personal Abaya Collection

Assalamualaikum and good afternoon everyone.

I am very tired right now and almost fall asleep on this chair. It was a very busy day for me. I just want to lie down and close my eyes but it's not possible yet. Insyaallah when I completed half of the data entries for Abaya Elegan's inventories, I'll get my rest.

So, this is a kind of entry that is intended to make me alert. A short intermission from all those confusing data. Let's talk about my wardrobe. Yes, the real KakChik's Wardrobe.

I think I've already shown you in another entry those inside look of my wardrobe. So, I won't be sharing any new photo of the same view. Why don't I show one by one some of my current abayaat collection? I have nearly 20 pieces of black abayaat which I wear daily and more than half of the collection is from Dubai.

Let's not waste anymore time and we proceed to the first photo.

My first abaya. It was from Indonesia. Has lots of beautiful neatly sewn beads on the chest.
An abaya from Vietnam. It is decorated with beads and sequins.
My favourite abaya for formal occasions. Lots of customers also like this Dubai abaya.
My one and only Mecca abaya. Also my favourite.
My 36th. birthday present. An expensive Dubai abaya which I love very much.
My 2nd. butterfly abaya which the dressmaker named after my real name. 
An abaya from Qatar which was supposed to be a gift for a friend but turn out smaller than her normal size. Now it's mine.
Another favourite abaya. I still remember the day I wore this abaya during a promotion, customers bought every size available because they think it's so gorgeous.
The latest addition. The cutting is just right for me and it flows nicely when I wear it.

That's not all but I think it's enough to share with you. Ever since I started wearing black abaya, I am not interested anymore in coloured abaya. I have give away all my jilbabs because I don't want to waste them inside my wardrobe. It's better if they can find a new owner who'll appreciate and wear them.

Enough said, I'm going to continue my work. Salam.


umm ruman said...

Nice collection of abaya kak chik,I love every single of it. I totallya agree with you 100%. Once you wear black abaya you will never turn back..:-)

Afiz Idah said...

Salam kakchik...
wah byk koleksi abaya kakchik..simple but nice..dalam byk2 koleksi kakchik..idah tertarik dgn 2 helai abaya kakchik.Abaya Layla dan abaya zakiyyah.mmg cantik..

Blue Pearl said...

wonderful collection - I LOVE NO.3 the most

kakchik said...

Thanks kak azah. I'm really happy with all these black abayaat. Wearing them make me feel so humble, modest and cool :) at the same time more confident. Don't you think so kak?

kakchik said...

Wkslm Idah.
Mungkin Idah nampak banyak tapi kakchik pakai abaya ni 7 hari seminggu, hampir2 siang dan malam. Layla tu mmg ramai sekali yg suka. Idah tak beli ke satu utk koleksi?

kakchik said...

Thanks Blue Pearl. Lots of my customers think so too.

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