Dec 19, 2010

Abaya Business Is Booming


Dear readers,

After one year of selling abayaat online, I've came across and became friends with quite a number of abaya sellers who have their own online shops either in the blog world or through facebook.

Frankly speaking, I think more and more Malaysian Muslim women are buying and wearing abaya. Why would I say this? It's because many online boutiques are now have their own lines for abaya. 

3 years ago I thought abayaat are only made in UAE or KSA. Now I know that they can also be made in Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and also in Malaysia. The difference are quality of the material used, the suitability of the material with Malaysian weather and also the designs.

One reader has sent me an email saying that my blog has influenced her in changing her wardrobe from a daily pants + blouse to abaya and she's thinking of wearing the niqab but still not ready. Allahu Allah. I've never thought that I might influenced others. I hope Allah will look at my influence as something good for the ummah.

Nowadays, women can choose to buy abaya from many online shops which sell it. If you are interested, you can buy from my blogshop, Abaya Elegan or you can also buy from my friend's blogshops which I've listed under ABAYA & NIQAB.

I have one hope in selling the abaya, I want Muslim women to wear an elegant dress which also modest according to our Islamic Dress Code. An the abaya has that package.

When people start noticing this fashion trend, they start selling but I'm selling not because of fashion or trend but because of Allah.


Anonymous said...

Assalammualaikum Kakchik (though I'm sure I am older ) and salam ukhuwwah,

I am an abaya affinionado too, and am learning to become a niqabi myself, you're one of my inspirations. The thing about abaya is, while it is modest and "passes" the Quranic dress code, it is also very comfortable and handy. We can just slip it over our "baju kat rumah" and we're good to go. My preference is abaya from Dubai, I like the design and cutting.

May Allah bless sisters like you who make the effort to enjoin Muslimahs to dress according to sunnah. :-)

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam Kak Haza.
Thanks a lot kak for dropping by and writing something for my entry.
Actually I've visited your blog this morning but I can't write anything because of the slow internet connection at my office.
Congratulations kak for the new phase in your life as a niqabi. I hope the new step will make you happier.
I agree 100% to what you said about abaya. It's a very practical dress for us.
Amiin and syukran kak. May Allah bless you too.

Anonymous said...

My new domain is here;


kakchik said...

thanks haza.

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