Dec 19, 2010

Simple Attire for A Cold Day


Would you wear something like this on a cold day? Think as if you are someone who's always wear jilbab or abaya as your daily outfit.

It's quite cold lately and the rain keeps coming. I wear something like this almost everyday, except my jilbab is a black abaya dan I don't own any gloves.

I feel like buying one pair to cover my cold hands.


LayyinuL Qalbie said...

salam alayk. kakchik, i love this style so much.. i wish i could have one abaya just like this... but not that ketat la.. kak chik,have u heard about jilbab.. i think you know bout it..mcm jubah, slalu org jordan pkai 2 kn.. kakchik pernah jmpe kt mane2 x? sgt minat..

kakchik said...

Wkslm Layyinulqalbie.
Thank you for liking my style idea. Insyaallah one day you also can have an abaya like this and yes, make it looser at the bust and hip area. Yes, I know jilbab and I know a few online friends who sell it. I don't really like jilbab because it's a bit shapely and the material is very thick. However jilbab does look very smart and suitable for office wear. If you would like to buy one, please try

amni rahaimi said...

salam kak chik. nak mintak permission nak copy few pictures, just a few. i am doing this small magazine-project which will not be published. and i wish to put your pictures in the fashion's column. if and even if you permit me to do so. I look to hear from you soon. :)

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