Dec 13, 2010

I need a new shoe

Assalamualaikum and good morning everyone!

Lovely day so far and I hope where ever you are, you are also experiencing a bright and sunny day just like me here. I'm so thankful because my washing this morning will be dried nicely, insyaallah. And I don't know how long the weather will stay like this, so better be thankful for the current condition.

Ok, back to the topic. Yesterday afternoon I use my lunch hour break to visit a shoe store nearby. I am in really need of a new shoe. A shoe which is practical for going to work and can withstand my heavy walking. The current one that I'm still using is starting to wear out and loosening which also result in an ache under my feet.

My old shoe when it was still new.

Well, that store have lots of good looking shoes and a few did captured my eyes but they just couldn't match the comfortability of the old one. Hmm... I do have my ankle boots but I just couldn't wear it everyday especially when I have to take if off when I want to enter the Library. It's our custom to take off our shoes to enter the building. So, like I said, I need a practical one.

I'm really tempted to buy shoes online especially when I just discovered but they don't have the kind of practical shoes like the one above. Or... should I just visit Rorine Store? Maybe they have new designs which are more comfortable? But... I don't have that much time to spare to go there. This is a dilemma and I'm afraid the one that I'm wearing is going to lost it's sole soon.

Maybe I need to persuade dear husband to go to Parkson this afternoon after work. Hehe... who knows he might buy a pair for me.

This one looks great but would it be comfortable?

Pic of the pink shoes above is from You, Me and Shoes in facebook.


Their mommy said...

Assalamualaikum KC,

WHen talking about shoes, i just had to say something! haha.. LOVE SHOES! and the pink pair is gorgeous! but for practicality.. na ah.. mcm penat je..hehe.. well, penat for me lah.. nak mengejar my two lil sprinters ni. but YES, they are a gorgeous pair!

Azura Iznil said...


Go for Scholl. Style & comfort.
Maybe crocs. the design is nice, practical and yes comfort.


Anonymous said...

Ohh sister I am starting to be more girly! I am soo into eye shadow's at the moment and I think I may have a soft spot for bags!! HELP!!! Theses shoes are gorgeous masahllah. Do you wear them for occasions or any time you feel?

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