Jan 5, 2011

Crazy about abayas and handbags too.

Assalamualaikum gurls.

This is just my random post. Rambling about a handbag. 
I'm crazy about handbags as much as I'm crazy about abayaat.
That's me but it's ok because I can still control my nafs from buying every bag or abaya that I lay my eyes on. Don't worry. I'll be modest. Insyaallah.
But sometimes dream do come true.

Love the colour. Dark red is my favorite. Match it with a black abaya. Mmm... love it!
Love the size. Yes, size is important. I have lots of stuff to put in there.
Love the texture of the leather.
Love the price too. Just RM89 and lesser with a special discount.
It'll arrive in 2 weeks time.
Got to be patient and wait for the package to arrive at my door.
Now, let's get some sleep and dream on it.



Anonymous said...

Nice bag mashallah. Was wondering how do you upload the picture in the middle of the blog? I have tried to do it but it never works!

soso said...

love itttt
love abayas too


Blue Pearl said...

thats really a lovely red bag - i like color bags but i find sometimes when you find the color, the style is all wrong...this one those is a great color and style.love it

kakchik said...

Thank you Sister Aabida. To post the pic in the middle you need to use Blogger In Draft. It has a special pic inserting application in it which let you insert a pic in the middle.

kakchik said...

Thank you soso. I'll check you blog out later.

kakchik said...

Dear Blue Pearl, I agree with your opinion. I'm very fussy in choosing bags and sometime I wish I can have different colored bag but it always turn out to be natural color or earth color or just black. But dark red is always good for me. It boost my enthusiasm.

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