Jan 2, 2011

Sunday Style: Uniform Day


Sunday was here again and as usual it's my uniform day. When you have to wear a uniform, it's not easy to change the style. 

As today was quite a cold day with rain falling down since morning until afternoon, I think it would be good to add a long coat in my Sunday Style.

I managed to persuade dear hubby to snap my pic and here's how I look at the end of the day.

Excuse the untidy background. We just arrived home and my hijab was not very tidy anymore after we ate dinner at Hayaki Restaurant.

I wear the boots and carry this newest bag from Haatyai.

That's it for Sunday Style.


aNNe bOo said...

salam sister.
kkcik u're so elegance someday i want be like u. adore u sis!

kakchik said...

Wkslm dear Anne Boo. Thank you sis. Huhu, I don't think I look elegant in that pic but thanks for supporting me. Insyaallah one day soon you can be better than me.

aNNe bOo said...

insyaallah kkcik..insyaallah, pray for m. byk kekhilafan anne b4 tis. so sempena hijrah tahun ni. i want to start new chapter, n new m.

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