Jan 1, 2011

Can I wear pants and at the same time wear niqab?

In my dictionary, wearing pants and at the same time you wear niqab is no problem at all. I have several people asking me the same question so I think this would be my answer.

Thank you.


hannah said...

Once I saw a lady wearing tight jeans, a tight hip-length top, a very narrow scarf (just barely covering her neck), and a niqab! lol (Please note I am in no way endorsing this outfit!!!! lol)

I think pants with niqab is okay as long as you are wearing at least a knee-length top! Of course, that is the shortest top I would feel comfortable with anyway... I guess it all depends on each person!

Nor said...

I used to wear palazzo paired with below knee-length top all the time befora I fell in love with abayaats...now I am all black literally from head to toe.

Blue Pearl said...

Nice mix:) Love it. Happy new year my dear one - wish you all the success and happiness in 2011. hugs

kakchik said...

hannah, wow, that must one of the most weird fashion sense ever.

that person is not really covering her awrah but she's just playing fashion.

i agree with you on the length of the top. if shorter than that, it'll look weird and not suitable with the niqab.

kakchik said...

Kak An, yes, I know. Actually you look quite good wearing that combination hehe. Anyway, abayaat has really change us right?

kakchik said...

Thanks Blue Pearl. And sorry for this late reply. May this new year be the best year for all of us.

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