Jan 13, 2011

She's A Millionaire

Source: Keluarga & Sridewi, Jan 2011

I'm currently at the University Hospital having a booksale and abayasale while joining a program there. I snapped this 2 pics a few days ago but do not have time to upload. Looks like today I will be quite busy with the event so while I'm there you can read about Mrs. Rozita Ibrahim here.

To read the article (in Malay), you would have to buy the magazine.


Riha NCL said...

Kak Chik,
is she mentioned inside the magazine that since when she started wearing the niqab?

n.h.m.s said...

pakai niqab dh cantik dah..tapi labuhkan tudung & pakai stokin mesti lagii cantikk..:)

kakchik said...

Riha, she starts wearing niqab in July last year. Actually I have made entries about her a few times in this blog and also in Keluargaku Sayang. Feel free to serach for them.

kakchik said...

nhms, ha'ah, kakchik setuju sangat tu. memang itulah sebaik-baiknya. barulah betul-betul terbaik dlm menutup aurat.

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