Apr 10, 2009

Celebrating My Birthday at the Beach

Assalamualaikum and a very good evening to all dear friends. Thanks for all the well wishers for my birthday. I really appreciate that and feel so bless to have all of you as friends. Yes, today's my birthday and I'm done celebrating it with my dear Hubby. Alhamdulillah, I'm celebrating it just the way I like it. There's no cake but enough beautiful experience to fill my entire day.

My birthday was celebrated at a beach resort. It's actually killing two birds with one stone. I was invited as a guest speaker at Hubby's school camping at the resort and as family member I also get the luxury of staying there with him. So memorable.

I'm so tired after all that and don't really have enough idea to write, so I will let you see some of the pictures taken during my stay there.

BTW, the pictures above was taken after the dawn prayer while waiting for Hubby to get back from the mosque.

Picture was taken after the dawn prayer. We were taking a walk along the beach. It's really romantic. There was not many people around and everything so peaceful and calm.

I looked to the right I saw trees and grayish clouds and when I looked to the left, there's Hubby watching the sunrise.

Thank you Allah for giving us this opportunity to experience the beauty of rising of the sun. So amazing!


From the door of our chalet, I can see this scenery at almost 9 am.

Subhanallah, Subhanallah, Subhanallah

The morning view when the sun is rising. So beautiful! Subhanallah!

From where we sat, I took this pictures.

Resting with Hubby because the sun is already up and shining. It's getting hot.

Words written on the sand... my birthday wish.

Simply amazing!

I will visit again. Gelora Beach, you just wait for me.


xuen adyla said...

wow romantic bday

all u need is love one and beautiful scenery

i love u kak chik, like my second mom in virtual world

have a happy fulfilling bday ya!

BARAN said...

salams Kak Chik, Happy Birthday !!!
birthday kak chik upenye ari ni..semoga kak chik bahagia selalu di dunia dan di akhirat dan di berkati Allah dalam semua lapangan dan penglibatan kak chik. sbg pelajar,bussinesswoman,isteri dan ibu. semoga kak chik dirahmati Allah sehingga ke akhir hayat.Amin Ya Rabbal 'Alamin.

Angelia said...

Dear Kakchik,,,,

Happy Birthday,,,,
Semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki,
dan sehat selalu,,,

Wish U and Your Family all the Best!

Love those photos,,,
Beautiful Views,,,Beautiful Moment with your lovely Hubby,,,
Oh, What A Happy Day,,,

Once Again Happy Birthday Kakchik,,, :)


mommy otai said...

so romantic la k.chikk..tlg hepy tuk k.chik..dpt adiah ape k.chikk..
subhanallah..sgt2 indah alam kita...

kakchik said...

my dear xuen, that's very humbling. if you feel like that towards me, i'm so honored dik. may Allah bless you in your life.

kakchik said...

Wkslm Baran.Moga Allah perkenankan doa Baran tu. KakChik pun doakan agar Baran sentiasa dilimpahi rahmatNya dan keberanian dlm menghadapi ujian belajar dan dakwah di negara orang.

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Angelia. Thank you sis. You came all the way from Indonesia to wish me. That's thoughtful sis. May Allah bless you and your good heart.

kakchik said...

dear farah, ada la dapat hadiah istimewa tapi takleh tunjuk la hehehe, kami berdua je... jarang kami dapat luang masa bersama macam tu, so isi sebaik-baiknya hehehe. mekasih ya farah.

milla said...

Salam Chik,

Happy birthday (lewat sehari takpelah ye)...Semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki & yg baik2 utk Chik & hubby.Amin. Romantiknye...alahai bestnya, rindu lak suasana gitu..he he he.

kakchik said...

Wkslm kmilla.
Terima kasih kak. Moga-moga Allah limpah rahmat kat kmilla juga.

Sasha said...

Happy Birthday KakChik!

Semoga Kakchik sentiasa mendapat hidayah & petunjuk Allah s.w.t & dikurniakan rezeki kesihatan yg baik agar dapat terus mendidik lebih ramai umat manusia ke arah kebaikan. Semoga semua kebaikan di dunia ini dtg mendekati Kakchik & Kakchik dilindungi dari segala kejahatan.

Getting to know you..is a wonderful thing!

Asha said...

Aww kakchik, seems to me that you had a great birthday :) And such beautiful scenery masyaAllah! Happy 35th! :D

Hajar said...

Cute couple! ^^ Here's wishing you another Happy Birthday wish! Seriously, you do not look your age. The power of love, eh? Awesome choice of celebration venue. :)

Btw, I love the picturesque seascapes! Gosh~ I miss strolling along the coastal lines...

kakchik said...

Sha, thank you sis. May Allah bless your doa and I pray that you'll be bless with love and kindness. I feel so honored to read the last sentence. Thank you again.

kakchik said...

Asha, alhamdulillah it was great. The scenery was speechless and thanks for the wish. May Allah bless you.

kakchik said...

Thank you dear Hajar. I do not look my age maybe because I'm small, hehehe and act a bit like teenagers, hoho.
The scenery was awesome! That place was really great, you should plan a family outing there one day. Very nice.

Hajar said...

LoL~ It's good to be young at heart. I should really be more like you. :) Insya'Allah. ^^ Gelora Beach Resort in Bachok rite?

kakchik said...

Hajar, yes it's good to feel young because you can always feel like you can do so many things because you still have the energy and the will to do them.
And yes, GBR is in Bachok.

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