Oct 1, 2009

A Message for (where.i.am )

Assalamualaikum where.i.am .
I'm hoping that you read this entry. I found a beautiful modern abaya made from chiffon and it's a size 52 or XXL. The base is a pretty purple and the outer layer is just like what you see below. Please click on the image for a better view.

The sales girl thought that I'm buying this for me and she kept saying that this is not my size, LOL.

Decoration at the colar. Very neat and tidy, I've checked.

Interesting arm sleeve.

This will ensure the sleeves do not roll down when you put your hands up.

The price is RM89.90, quite reasonable.
Well... if you like it, I can sell it to you. I'm hoping that you'd buy it because it's the only XXL that the store have and I like this design and color the best.


where.i.am said...

kakchik ... ada paypal ker? cemaner nak bayar nih? if guna moneygram, then its better for me to buy a few more bcoz moneygram charges flat fee up to US$500 ... rugi jer if sending small amt kan? But if you hv paypal, I can pay it today? kakchik gimme ur email addy plis?

kakchik said...

kakchik takde paypal. biasanya kalau from abroad, guna WESTERN UNION. moneygram pun tak pernah guna. kalau guna WU kakchik boleh withdraw from Public Bank or Pos Malaysia.

anyway, this is my email: hanniaziz@yahoo.com

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