Dec 25, 2009

Beautiful Blue Set

Items in this set:
Al-Hijaab - Unique Islamic clothing for all : The Jilbabs Collection :, 30 GBP
Ankle-Strap Jeweled Stilettos, $170
Convertible Croc-Grain Satchel with Scarf, $35
Vanita' - Blue Murano Glass Stone Pendant - Masini, $168
Sterling Silver Rings, Unique Silver Rings at Jewelry, $154

This set was made 9 months ago but it still one of my favourite.  I hope it will give someone an inspiration in assembling an full attire.


Stephanie said...

Mashallah, that's gorgeous!

Hijab Chic said...

Salam alaykum Sis,
the shoes are GORGEOUS!! :)

kakchik said...

Thanks Stephanie.

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam Hijab Chic. Yes, I wish I have one like that.

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