Dec 25, 2009

Life In Malaysia, Specifically Kota Bharu, Kelantan

Assalamualaikum and a very blissful Juma'at to everyone. I've just came home from a very interesting Friday religious lecture in the town. Our Chief Minister is one inspirational person, no wonder he was number 42 among the 500 Influential Leader of the World.

One phrase from him that got stucked really firm inside my head and my heart is, "Sins are like cholestrol in our body." So true. This is a very sound argument if we want to debate about why we need to be a good Muslim with people who only use logic as their arguments.

Enough about that and I hope everyone will ponder more on the phrase. Let's read the story of my life in this country that I've promised before.

1. I tend to base my story more about my life in Kota Bharu because I live here most of my life.
2. This is MY STORY and MY EXPERIENCES so please don't expect me to satisfy your expectation. It might crushed you.
3. I might say something bad about certain things but it's all due to my understanding of what Islam wants us to do on this world regardless of where you are and who you are.
4. DO NOT QOUTE ME but you can believe whatever you want and vice versa. I will do my best to write the truth.
5. I write this to promote my country especially my homestate, Kelantan.

See... I have to make a disclaimer because I don't want people saying that I'm looking for cheap publisity. This is my story of my love for my birthplace where I've treasure a beautiful life as a practicing Muslim. I'm so grateful and thankful to Allah for giving me a chance to be a Kelantanese Malaysian. Alhamdulillah.

My writing in English is not so great and I have to think a bit harder to compile suitable words to form my story. So, it will be quite uninteresting for native speakers. What I really wish is that you will understand what I'm saying, correctly.

Living in Malaysia is Marvelous!
Of course! Because you are FREE to practice your religion, be it Islam, Hindu, Buddha, Christian or paganism as long as you RESPECT the national religion which is ISLAM.

Being Muslim, and have been born in a Muslim family, have all Muslim relatives, living with Muslims neighbours, can easily and freely learn about Islam anywhere, I find this land is a marvelous place that Allah has bestow upon me to live in. be continued


oum moesaa said...

Salaamoe alaikoem,
i'm looking forward to the rest of your story. because my family and i are looking for a place to make hidjra to. and malaysia, especcialy kelantan sounds great.
Salaamu alaikoum, oum moesaa from the netherlands

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam oum moesaa.
InsyaAllah I'll try my best to continue the story. Life is very hectic right now because I have to do so many things for relocating and next year's planning for my businesses.
Malaysia offers foreigners a program called Malaysia Is My Second Home. You googled for it and maybe can apply for it. Your hijrah might be easier.

oum moesaa said...

yes, i know the pragram Malaysia my second home. But it's very difficult, because you must have a lot of money to get in the program. InshaAllah gair. Djazakkialhoe gairen.
Salaamoe alaikoem.

kakchik said...

you are right oum moessa about the cost of that program.
it's not that easy to migrate to this country except if you have a working visa. actually i don't really know the procedure but you can try find out about it.
thank you for visiting.

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