Dec 30, 2009

Life In Kelantan Is Wonderful!

Assalamualaikum wr wbt. May peace and blessings of Allah be upon us all.

First of all, I'd like to inform you that currently my life is very busy and I could not provide more time to blog. I did update my main blog, Keluargaku Sayang almost daily but KakChik's Wardrobe is a bit lacking. It's like I have one hundred things to do in just a few days before 2009 ended and all of them must be completed nicely. Oh, I wish I am a bionic woman so that I can .... I don't know.

Anyway, my story about life in Malaysia is not finish yet. And I'd like to continue a little bit on the story because I know some of you are waiting for it.

So, in tonight's story I am going to share why I find this place so wonderful. My writing will be brief because I am going to use many images of Kelantan through the lens of a photographer friend, Rizal Tahir. Let's continue ...

Kota Bharu The Islamic City - The State Capital
View from the 18th floor of the Kelantan Trade Center.

Although there aren't many high buildings or skyscrapers, I love this state to death because the physical  development is in tandem with the moral development of the community. We do have social problems and the State Government is doing its best to overcome them. No place on earth I think is clean from social problems.

Kelantan Trade Center, the newest addition to the Develop With Islam planning of Kelantan. 

At the KTC complex, there are condominium, hotel, grand ballroom and shoplots. I've been there twice especially at the ballroom because of a seminar and a fashion show.

 The Dataran Rehal is the place where almost every visitors and tourist like to visit.

It's like a big square block of land filled with parking lots for any kind of vehicles except for aeroplanes, surrounded with big brown stone pillars that have a replica of an open Qur'an on top of them. I have some pictures taken here with my niece Iffah last year but I coundn't find the album.

Praying terawikh under the big tents in town.
Alhamdulillah, ever since the State was ruled by the Pan Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS), Kelantan has introduce many policies which put Islam to the front such as:
  • No entertainment establishments are allowed in the State except for Islamic entertainment - if I have time I'll elaborate more on this next time, insyaAllah.
  • All women models for signboards, billboards, banners and posters should wear hijab.
  • Separate counters for male and female customers at the supermarkets.
These 3 are just examples, there are more.

 Vieling is common and by choice not cultural. However this is only common in Kelantan not the whole Malaysia.

Muslim women can wear whatever they like but in Kelantan you seldom see Muslim women without hijab. Most women cover themselves properly but you can also see those who choose fashion over proper hijab. Alhamdulillah you can see a niqabi anywhere because school students from the religious schools are allowed to wear niqabs in school. InsyaAllah Kelantan is a very nice place for a niqabi.

Isn't it wonderful? I'm getting sleepy and maybe that's it for the second part. InsyaAllah I'll continue when I have some spare time.

Thanks to Bro Rizal Tahir for allowing me to use his pictures here. If you'd like to see more of his collections, please visit his blog at MataKu Dan MataMu ... Beza Berbeza.


سيده نفيسه said...

Subhanallah, the pictures are beautiful, but the creation by Allah much more beautiful.I can see the different, like what u said, fashion:u can wear any Islamic clothes, and not easily get judged, :)very nice state n never I imagined in life to live here.But, Alhamdulillah, i get it now.

kakchik said...

Nafisah, thank you. Lots of non-Kelantanese who married with Kelantanese men or women or get the chance to work here love it here so much that when they have a chance to go back to their state, they prefer to stay.

Rizal Tahir said...

Chik kata ke Ana kee.....hukhukhukh

kakchik said...

eh, bro rizal, kata hok baik-baik jah.

Zay said...

I NEED ADVISE ON WHAT EXACT VILLAGE CITY I NEED TO BE AT IN KELWNTAN (PLEASE RESPOND): we are arabic family moving to malaysia to live there, we have three children. I would like to know, if you can help me, which areas, city or village in kelantan (or any other state) have the most islamic environment with the most women with niqab and less and less mixing between men and women and schools are girls and boys not together for my children. please give us advise and information as much as you can . i do not speak malay (inshallah I will learn it with my kids there) but only arabic and english so maybe you answer me in english. Thank you and jazaki allh khayran. Salam A.

Idda Hashim said...

salam perkenalan kak chikl
sy idda dr JB, tapi duduk di riyadh
nk minta tolong kak chik lah
bg email akak pd sy?
minta tolong carikan sorg wanita buat suami sy, detail pls email to

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