Jan 24, 2010

Before, I bought abaya from her, now we're neighbours

Assalamualaikum and good evening everyone.

It has been long since I post something about abaya. You probably can guess why I don't have many ideas on that topic if you've read my previous posts. Alhamdulillah the problem has been settled and now I move on with my life with a better and clearer picture of what I'll do for my future.

As I'm getting sleepy and I've been reading so much just now and also changed the template of my other 2 blogs, I've decided to waste your time with my random post. Forgive me.


This is Ibu or known also as Kak Yah, the owner of KF Collections Boutique, the boutique that I've always visit for a new abaya. I use to buy many abayaat from her especially the ones from Vietnam. Some of the abayaat that I've bought from her already graced this blog a few times. Here are some of them:


All these abayaat are very nice and suitable with our tropical climate. The only down side is they don't have a matching shayla like the ones from Dubai or Makkah. All of them either decorated with sequins or beads that were neatly sewn. Just click on the image for a clearer picture.

And the one worn by Ibu is also from Vietnam. I wish I could buy that one for me but sadly Ibu does not has an XS size for that one. If not I'm sure I'll get one.

Well, if you are interested to buy this abaya, they are still in stock and the price is also very cheap compared to Dubai abayaat. Contact me at hanniaziz@yahoo.com if you are interested.


p/s: My bookshop is just 2 doors on her right.

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