Jan 23, 2010

Forgive and Forget

That's what I've been taught by my loving parent and also my teachers. So, through all the heart ache, crying alone, crying together, soul searching, heart to heart talking... I've decided to forgive that person and forget the previous event. May Allah give us peace and open up W's heart to be a more mature, wiser and better person.

I do not hold grudges for long because I always believe that Allah love me more if I forgive the wrongdoer. If you know my true nature, you'll believe me. I don't like sadness and I prefer smiles and friendly faces because they make me happy. When you are happy you do things better and full with satisfaction. Compared to that, life would be ... empty... nothing.

Let bygones be bygones.

I forgive you.

This is your second chance. Take it and manipulate it to built a better foundation for our future. We are here because of Allah's will, so we need to carry the amanah that He has bestow upon us. Remember, our mission is to die in husnul khotimah.

I love you.



teachernur said...

how i wish it is so easy to do just as easy as saying it *sob*

the truth, i kept on telling myself the same old thing... forgive, forget and let live! look at the future and it's all a test for me to be a better person. but sometimes it is just so difficult *sob* i need to run away for a few days and get myself cool down. but that's not the way isnt it? that way, we are just running away from it. it will re-surface and we will do what we did again. we would never pass. i remember a quote from a movie, "if life is like a truck and it is running onto you, do u let it run on you or do u let it pass to the side??" *sob sob* i wish i am not afraid to be run by a truck... i kept on running away from it...

Bogbong said...
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milla said...

Slm Chik,
Senang nak memaafkan tapi susah nak melupakannya....ada petua tak? he he he

kakchik said...

My dear teachernur,
I'm so sorry for not reading your comment earlier.
You sound like someone who is under heavy pressure and sadness. I hope you are better now even though the problem is still there.
To forgive is not easy, it's always hard for us to do it.
Sometimes getting away from the source of our stress to cool down is good because when we come back, we will be better and refresh.
It's not running away if you retreat to find solution and come back to face it with better self.
Try to remind yourself that Allah love you more if you forgive. When you forgive, insyaAllah your heart will be lighter. That's what I do. Alhamdulillah, I am back as usual maybe until the next test. If you find it's too hard to shoulder alone, I am here for you.

kakchik said...

Mr Bogbong,
Berpuitis sekali ayat-ayatnya. Walaupun kakchik tidak mampu meneka semua maksud di sebaliknya, kakchik ucapkan terima kasih.
Hanya Allah tempat sandaran dalam apa jua keadaan, suka atau duka.

kakchik said...

Wa'alaikummussalam k.milla.
Takde petua kak, kakchik pun sama macam orang lain juga. Walaupun telah memaafkan, jauh di sudut hati mesti masih ada sikap berjaga-jaga bimbang berlaku lagi. Tapi bila datang perasaan begitu kakchik cuba secepat mungkin istighfar dan kembali kepada Allah. Semakin kita cuba mendekati-Nya semakin berat ujian didatangkan. Pujuklah hati agar maaf kita tu seikhlas yang mungkin kerana hanya Allah yang akan mengubah seseorang itu. Mungkin dia akan jadi jauh lebih baik dari kita di masa depan, kita tidak tahu.

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