Jan 27, 2010

Calling for Nazliah

Assalamualaikum Naz and of course anyone else who drop by for a visit. Thank you for coming here. Please forgive me for writing this entry specially for Nazliah. It's because I want to tell her of these pashmina hijabs and at the same time share them with you. If you find this is uninteresting, you can always read the previous ones or just browse around the blog.

Ok, back to Naz,

Yesterday afternoon I went browsing for your hijabs at a few hijab stores. Looks like the cheapest that I can get for the kind of hijab that we've talked about is RM10 a piece.

Guided by the colours that you've requested, these are the closest that I could find.

The material is cotton pashmina. It's very smooth and light. I have one in pink and worn it two days ago. As I've told you, the size is standard pashmina's size, means very long and big.

The blue that you requested is not to be found in any of the shop that I went. There are a few but they are either quite short and sheer or very long but shorter in width. So, I chose the blue that you can see in the picture.

So, tell me if you like to have all of them or not. They are just RM50.00. Hehe of course you would have to pay my mileage, my energy, my time, my bargaining skill, my taste, etc etc etc hehehe... Naaah... I'm just kidding! You only need to pay the price plus the postage cost.

Leave me a comment if you like all of them.



nazliahnazeer said...

omg kakchik! ada 1 entry khas plak. hehe. t'haru naz. ala kakchik dh beli ke smua ni? naz rasa cam susah kn kakchik plak. naz nk smua la kakchik! hehe. tak ksh la. blh je matching jgk dgn bju biru naz tu. nti kakchik email naz bg no akaun n naz akan email detail. kakchik kire la skali smua2 dgn pos dgn duit minyak. ;D thanks kakchik! smoga Allah balas kebaikan kakchik n murahkn rezki kakchik lg. amiinn

aisyahumaira26102006 said...

salam kakchik. kain ni boleh wat tudung mcm mana?blh buat labuh x? kalau bklh nk order jgk lah

Anonymous said...

Wow! the pashiminas look nice and soft.. and the nice variety of colours! the purple is really pretty!

kakchik said...

naz, tak marah kan... hehe. kakchik memang dah beli semuanya. alhamdulillah... lega sebab naz nak semuanya. hehe, alahai... kakchik kira yg biasa2 je. nanti kakchik hantar email utk no akaun ya. kalau nak lagi masih byk kaler yg ada.

kakchik said...

wa'alaikummussalam zaza. ni tudung siap zaza, pashmina yang macam kakchik dok pakai tu. labuh juga. zaza kurus dan tinggi, rasanya jika dibelit dgn elok, akan labuh bawah paras dada.

kakchik said...

theonekhalil, yes they are. so soft that you would want to cuddle it like a plush animal, lol.

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